Monday, April 27, 2009


We got lost. We got lost BIG time. Me and Hubby like to go four wheeling. We have two four wheelers and we love to take one or both out and just ride. Sometimes we take the dirt roads, sometimes we take the trails, and sometimes we take a combination of both. Today, we just got lost.

We started out riding the trails that we have rode for years. We ride over the ridge to a mom and pop store where we get food or gas or sometimes, just a drink. Everything was going fine when....da da da dommmm.....(pause for dramatic effect) the trail that we have become so familiar with disappears! In front of us stands( or should I say doesn't stand) acres and acres of clear cut land. If you have never seen a clear cut, imagine a giant lawnmower being taken to the trees. All the trees were gone! All that was left were stumps and skidder trails. (Skidder trails are the trails that this giant machine ,called the skidder, drags logs down. Makes since doesn't it.)

Anyway, we had to find our way down the side of the hill to get to some kind of a road. The skidder trails are full of ruts,rocks, and mud, it's almost impossible to navigate. At one point I got off of the back of our four wheeler as Hubby took it down this really steep part of the skidder trail. Both back tires came off the ground. I slid down the trail on my butt. It was that steep! I was so happy to get off that hill.

We finally did get off the hill, but now we are on another trail that we have no idea where it goes. We keep following it and following it until...da da da dommmm...(another dramatic pause) we come to a gate. Now, should we go through the gate? Whats on the other side? There was no fence, just a gate, a new one. What will we find on the other side? Should we ride though it? Will we be greeted by a toothless man with a shotgun as we hear banjo music playing in the background? We could always go back. But, I almost rather face the shotgun. We creep along....(pause) We come upon a house that is being built. We still creep along. Hoping no one is there. We come upon another gate. We are going through this one. On the other side is a paved road. Yay!!!!!!

We finally make it to civilization. So with much relief, we head out to the mom and pop store. As we are a few miles from the store, out four wheeler starts to cough. Then it starts to sputter. Then it almost dies. We are running out of gas! Hubby reaches down and puts the four wheeler on reserve. We have no idea how far we can go with the gas tank on reserve. But, for a happy ending, we did get to the store. We had an ice cream,(we deserved it), and filled up the tank with gas.(insert sigh here)

Needless to say we did not go back the same way. We made it home. Hubby's arms are sore for navigating the ruts with the four wheeler, and we are both very dusty.

I'm taking a bath.....

Small Farm Girl..(adventurer)

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Kelle at The Never Done Farm said...

Sounds like fun, a challenge and a scarey torture all rolled into one!

Being lost if scarey, PTL you were together. My Dh when he goes hunting always takes a fannypack with matches, granola bars or trailmix, a flashlight, compass, map, etc.... He did get turned around one hunting trip, on land he's hunted on for years. He and a friend ended up walking 5 miles to get to a ranch house, only to find out how far off course they'd gotten. He admits it was very scarey.

Glad all ended well for you both.