Monday, October 31, 2011

Just For A Quickie

I stopped just for a minute to tell you all what has been going on around here. A few days ago, one of my friends called and told me she was going to go to AZ for the winter and wondered if I could watch her animals for her until she comes back. Since she lives 2 hrs away, I wasn't going to go down there twice a day to feed, so she brought her goats, chickens, and rabbits up here. The only problem was, we really didn't have things set up for more animals.

So what do we do? We MAKE room for more animals. lol. Hubby makes 10 rabbit cages, and one pretty good size goat house.  All of this happened this weekend!  We were running around like chickens with their heads chopped off. And, we still aren't done!  The rabbits are under a tarp. The goats are in small dog pens. And the chickens, well, they're doing fine. We were all set up for them. hehehe.

So in the next few days, we have to finish the goat house. We also have to clean out Hubby's "garage" so we can transform it into rabbit central. (That's going to be a JOB!)  Oh, and the chickens? They're going to be okay. : )

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, very busy!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Decision (for now)

The decision is made. Actually, it was made for me.  As of just a few hours ago, I was going to quit my job and stay home and work. Well, the way I was going to make money at home kinda fell through. Well, it actually was put on hold. So as of now, I'm going to have to stay at that horrible place, I mean work, for just a while longer.  Hopefully things will come together and I'll be able to get to work from home very soon. It all depends on how much money I can make to put toward my home adventure. We shall see.

Thanks for all the comments. They really did help. I know what I want now. I just need to get there.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, slave.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just To Make Things Clear

I had many great comments on my last post about quiting my job. I guess I didn't tell all of the details. I will be making money here at home too.  It probably won't be as much as what I make right now, but it will be close.(So don't worry  At work righ now, I have to make $520 a month just to clear rent and gas.  Plus, work is REALLY getting "not fun" anymore. (If you have a dozen women working in the same place, there usually is some drama.)

The main thing I worry about is if I stay home, will I be bored and eat bon bons all day and become as big as a mountain. And, will I miss the socialization? (Even though, sometimes I HATE it.)

Those are some of the things I'm worrying about.

SFG, just so you would know.

p.s. Keep the comments comming!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Do I REALLY Want To Be A Hermit?

Okay. The time has come. After going through the figures again and again, I have the option of staying home or keep on working. Now, it's time for a hard decision. I'm not sure what I want to do. So I'm going to blog about the pros and cons of working outside of the house. Bare with me.

A BIG part of me wants to stay home and be a farm wife. I could make homemade meals for Hubby everyday when he gets home. I'll have all the house work done.(Ok, maybe most of the house work. Who are we kidding here?)  In the summer, working in the garden would be easier. Working around the farm would not be so rushed. I would have more time to do things. Granted, I only work away from the house 3 days a week right now, but those three days can make a big difference.

BUT.......Another part of me wonders if I will go crazy staying home. I don't have children so it's just me here all day. Would I sit on the couch all day and think," Aww, I'll just do it tomorrow."? Will I miss the people that I see at work? Will I get depressed? Can I really do it?

Now, I understand that all of this is my decision, but I would like some feed back from you all. So my question is, " If you had the chance, would you quit your job and stay at home?"

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, just wondering.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Soup Truck,It's On The List

Hi there! How you all been? It's been busy around here getting things ready for the winter months. One of the things that we do for the winter is cut wood. Well, Hubby cuts it. If I do anything, it's load it in the truck or help stack it in our wood shed.(The front porch of our old

Well, since it's that time of year, we loaded up our things and went to Mom and Dad's place to cut some wood. (Hubby and Dad cut and load. Me and Mom set  in the house and visit with each other. I know, it's a hard life.) Hubby doesn't like using his good truck for hauling firewood. When I help, I have a tendency of not tossing the wood high enough over the sides of the truck. That usually causes a dent or scratch at least once a year. So instead, Hubby uses, what we call, our Soup Truck.

Now don't go laughing at us. It's not a truck that used to haul soup back and forth from farm to store. It's a one ton, rusty, Chevy dually. We call it the Soup Truck because it looks like a Cambell's Soup can. It's red with a stripe. We also call it the Soup Truck because Hubby used to call it The One Ton Truck. I, with my wild imagination, turned that into Won Ton Truck. Therefore, The Won Ton Soup Truck.(Ok, it's a stretch, but it stuck.)

Anyway, Hubby and  I took the Soup Truck over to Mom and Dad's. Now, this truck is NOT in the best of shape, but it does it's purpose. We hardly take it off the farm. If we do, it's not more than a couple miles down the road. If you drive it and it hits a bump, the whole front end will start shaking so bad that Hubby has to almost stop in the road, and then start back up. Yep, front end needs some work done to it. It's on the list.

The brakes leave something to be desired too. Most of the time Hubby uses the emergency brake to slow us down. It DOES have breaks but, the break lines are sooooo bad, they could go at any minute. As many hills and things that are around here. You don't want that to happen. It's a stick shift, so that helps on saving the breaks some. The breaks are on the list of things to fix too.

And like most of the farm vehicles that I know, the passenger side floor board is so full of junk(chains, truck parts, tool boxes, water bottles, etc....).that it's hard for me to actually get in and sit. After I finally moved everything so that I can get in and sit, Hubby informed me that he chased a mouse out of all of the junk just a few minutes ago. Great.So not only am I going to have to worry about breaks going out, and the front end falling off the truck,  I'm stuck in this truck with possible mice that will go up my pants leg, travel up to my shirt, and eat my innards out. That's just what I wanted.

Well, we got to Mom and Dad's just fine. No big incidents. Me and Mom had a nice visit, and Dad and Hubby loaded the truck bed with a good amount of wood to keep us warm in the winter. It was dark as we   were leaving Mom and Dad's place. When Hubby turned on the lights (they all worked!) to the truck, I saw a mouse run away from the truck. Looks like it just escaped. Nice, we just left Mom and Dad a little visitor. Oh well, that's one less that's going to be in this truck.

As we were going down their driveway. Hubby let out a yell. "Something just jumped on my foot!" He quickly turned the interior lights on.  And low and behold an ugly, ratty, old water bottle had rolled down from all of the junk that he had piled up and on to his foot.  I laughed the whole way home. Even when the truck's front end stated to shake so bad that I thought we were going to wreck.  So cleaning out the truck........It's on the list.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, hehehehehehehe

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The New Addition, Again

Ok, enough of the teasing.  Here is the new addition.  I got my horse back,again.

Don't get me wrong, I liked my horse .But, I gave her away TWO TIMES!  I gave her away because she was chasing the baby calves and we don't have a way to separate them.  The people I give her to keep bringing her back. The first couple that I gave her to, decided they were going to drive a truck over the road and they wouldn't be home to take care of her.

The last couple that I gave her to, was an older couple. They said they were just going to watch her eat in their pasture. They were going to make a pet out of her. Well, they brought her back. The lady decided that she was going to ride her. Now, remember, these people are "city" people. They know NOTHING about riding horses. Well,the lady wanted to make my horse go faster so that she would my horse up into her smooth gate. So, she swarped her with the ends of the reigns. Foxy(yes, that's my horse's name.) stepped up a bit. As she was getting closer to the fence, Foxy turned instead of stopped. So the lady fell off of the side. The lady didn't know that you pull back on the reigns to make a horse stop. She said she just thought you said,"Whoa." Seriously? It was hard for me to keep a straight face. Anyway, we got her back, again. Anyone want a horse? lol

While we were messing with the horses, the cattle came up to see if we had any goodies. And, since I hadn't taken pictures of them lately, I thought I would get some pics just for you all. hehehehe

This is what Blue looks like now. He has grown up.

He's a big one, isn't he?

Here is some of his "babies." Not so baby like any more.

He would make someone a good bull too. But, he will probably end up at the sale.

So, now you had a small glimpse of our big animals. Plus, the new, old one,again.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, horse owner, again.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Don't Hate Me

I had some really nice pictures of us squeezing our sorghum plants into juice, cooking the juice down, and what the end product looked like. Well, Hubby accidentally erased them off of my phone.  After I acted like it was a big deal,(it really wasn't. lol) we went back down and took some more pictures the next day with my camera. I mean, NO BODY erases from my camera.

Well, as I was getting the pictures put onto the computer to "fix" them a little, I hit the wrong button. And yes, I erased the pictures of us making sorghum. AGAIN. The only problem is now, they aren't making anymore sorghum this year. RATS!!!!!!

Oh well, if it helps you any, the sorghum turned out really good. I think we plan on getting us our own mill and pan so we can do our own sorghum next year. (Hey, if anyone out there has a mill or pan for sale contact me. lol)

And just to tease you a bit, we have another addition to our farm. (again)

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, eraser