Monday, February 24, 2014

Let the Girls Free!!!!

I was reading one of the many "homesteading" magazines the other day, and came across a very interesting article.


Anyway,  I was reading this article about how wearing a bra can cause breast cancer.  What?????  I've wore a bra, well, almost all my life!   I'm one of those women that went from a training bra to a size D over night.  Then add on extra weight and WOW, massive bahoogas!   But for the purpose of getting the most information to my followers, I decided to do an experiment.  I was going to sacrifice my body by going bra-less. (For information purposes only, of course.)

So today I got up and got dressed.  It's weird not putting on a bra.  I felt, well, naked.  But because I was doing this for you guys, I pressed on. :0)  I will tell you, it's not as warm as wearing a bra, but it's not horrible either.  As I went about doing my daily chores, I noticed things were, um, different.  Things like, when I was dipping water from our cistern to give to the animals, when I was leaning over the block wall, the girls got in the way and they kept getting smashed against the blocks.  Ouch!  Also without the extra protection from the bra, hay pokes places that are not use to getting poked.  Double ouch!!!(Believe me, that dose NOT feel good.)  And as I was riding the four wheeler checking on the animals, well, let's just say the girls would not behave.  If someone would have been watching, they would have had a sight to see.

Speaking of sights to see, the UPS guy just "happened" to pick that day to deliver a package that we'd been waiting for.  Talk about an awkward situation.  I think for me more than for the driver.  So from that point on, I decided the experiment was over.  I believe I can sleep without a bra, but going all day without one, not only felt weird, but it was uncomfortable.  Maybe girls with smaller breast could do it, but my bahoogas are way too big to be let loose.  I don't want to hurt anyone, myself included.  So for the sake of not injuring someone, the bra will be back.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, bra wearer.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I have been away from the blog world for a while.  I've been in a slump.  We have water now. But, going without water for so long, and it being so cold for so long, just go to me.  I sat around the house just watching t.v.  There wasn't anything good on, (I hate tv!) but I just couldn't make myself get up.  Sure, I could have cleaned up the house, but why?  It would be there the next day.  It was getting serious folks.

Then one day a friend, that I use to work with, called me out of the blue.  She just had a work question, but it was nice to hear from her.  She had changed places of business.  When you are a nail tech and put fake nails on people, you can just about work anywhere.  Clients will come.  She invited me to go and visit her new place, so I did.  It was NICE!  We talked like I hadn't even left the bizz.  She suggested that I come back to work, maybe just as a part time nail tech.  Hmmmmmmm  Sounds interesting.

So I went home with something to think. real hard. about.  And I did!  I thought about it over and over and over.  It kept me up at night.  Would this be a good thing?  It would be nice having extra money for things for the farm.  Maybe get a new tractor, maybe money to build a barn, or maybe money to finish the house.  I asked Hubby what he thought about it and like he does most of the time, he said that it was up to me.  Auuuuughhhhh!!!!  So I thought some more and some more.  Then I decided to visit with my friend again and just sit and see how things were and maybe talk to the owner to see about getting a job.

The next day I drove to town.  It seemed like it was a long drive.  As I drove to the salon, I kept getting a bad feeling about the whole thing.  I kept chalking it up as just cold feet about going back to work.  I arrived at the salon and saw my friend and talked to her for a while.  Then I got to sit in on a section of nails with her.  It was an old client of hers that I knew.  It was nice to talk to her for a little, but then I got to thinking,  it's the same ole, same ole.  The same stories, the same questions, the same problems.  I started wanting to leave and get back home.  I sat there for a little while longer then I felt I had to leave.  I asked my friend to talk to the owner of the salon to see about an opening.  I then said my good-byes and left.

For two days I had a bad feeling in my gut.  I kept focusing on the extra money.  I mean, the job was only part time.  Going back to work couldn't be THAT bad.  Could it?  Well, yesterday I talked to my friend to find out if she had talked to the owner.  She had.  He told her that they just didn't have the room yet.  They are doing some remodeling and maybe then, but right now they didn't have room for me.

WOW! I had a huge relief wash over me.  It was like a big weight was lifted off of my chest.  It was like I took a deep breath after holding it for a long time.  I didn't realize how much I didn't want to go back to work at a salon.  It's not my place anymore.  It's a place of being fake and a place where people tell deep dark secrets.  I just don't want to be in that place anymore.  It's not for me.  I have moved on.  And this whole episode of going back to work, proved it.

I DID find out a few things about myself though.
 One: I DO NOT want to go back to work. (Unless it's necessary. )
 Two: I NEED to do something to bring in money around the house. I do things around the house, but I know that we could use the extra money to make this place better.
 Three: I HAVE to get out more often. (At least until this weather breaks.) I'm really becoming a hermit.  I would rather stay in my little hole in the ground then face the world.  I can't be like that.  I find that I'm losing my spunk.  I have to go out and interact with people, at least a little bit. It gets me out of my funk.

It's nice to know these things about myself.  I really thought I could be a hermit.  I found out that while I DO enjoy my "me" time at home, I have to have some kind of interaction with people to keep me going.

So, now you are wondering what I'm going to do?  Well.............  That will be for a future post. hehehehe

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl,  not gonna be a hermit.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


We are still without water. Grrrrrr! It's been over two weeks that we've been having water problems.  This is getting old.  Then I just saw where there was another main water line break, so the county has to shut down the whole system again.  Double GRRRRRRR!  I guess I'm gonna have to break down and start hand dipping water from our old cistern and bringing it to the house, heat it on the wood stove, so that I can clean some dishes.  I'm starting to run out of clean forks. :0) There's not much we can do.  I guess we just have to roll with the punches.

Along with no water, we are getting hammered with winter storms.  I didn't put any pictures on here because, well, if ya seen one snow picture of our place, you've seen them all, in my opinion. lol   The animals are doing okay in this weather.  The temps aren't very cold like they were.  No wind chills below zero. The rest I think they can handle.  My only problem is I'm getting cabin fever BAD!!!!!!  I've checked and checked Facebook all through the day.  It seems like that is my only life line to the outside world.  It's getting so bad that I even considered going back to work. (GASP!)  I know this feeling will pass when the weather gets better.  Plus, I've recently been having nightmares about going back to work so I know that won't be the best decision. I think staying home would be best for both of us.  Once the weather breaks, I'll be getting outside more and this feeling will go away.  The seed porn isn't helping. Although, it is giving me something to think about.  I'm wanting to try new kinds of veggies this year.  Not real sure yet what it will be, but I'll keep you updated on what I decide to pick.

Like I said, nothing really going on here at the farm.  Just waiting on another winter storm.  Keep safe out there everyone!

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, restless.