Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm Back and Additons

I'm back! I took off a couple of weeks just because we were getting overwhelmed here. The garden was really taking off. And I was trying to keep up. I wasn't doing a very good job. Then I was still trying to keep on riding for one of my uncles. Then I got talked (wrangled) into being the Quarter Horse judge at the fun shows that we have been going to at our local fair grounds. THEN on top of all that, my uncle, who I look at as my second dad, had a health scare. Whew! I'm tired just typing all of this.

Anyways, because of my uncles health scare he thought he couldn't take care of his goats so he gave them to me. (Thanks Uncle Bob!) So we had to find a place for the extra goats.

So, without further ado, I introduce to you the newest members of our farm.

Not sure what their name's are, but I'm going to find out. If they even have names. They are a little skinning for my taste, so we are hoping to fatten them up a little too.

This lady is twice the size of the other ones. We are thinking she might be going to have a kid or two sometime soon. Or, she just run all of the little goats off so that she could eat their food. lol. Which would explain why they are a little skinny. LOL

Then here is the pride and joy of my uncle. Meet Fuzz Nuts. Yep, that's his name. He was named before my uncle got him. I'm actually thinking that's his name on his papers. I thought it was funny so I kept it.

Check out those horns! Good thing he doesn't use them on humans. He's as docile as can be. But, I'm not going to take my eye off of him. hehehe

Another addition to the farm is this....Can you tell what it is?

It's a small ball of cuteness is what it is!

Louise, our brown rabbit, gave birth to two babies. One of them didn't live. It was twice the size of this one when it was born. It didn't even live an hour. I think that maybe something was wrong with it.

We don't even know what it is. It's too young to tell. It's either going to live on the farm as a breeder if it's a girl, or be sold if it's a boy. I'm hoping for a girl. hehehehe

Here's one more shot of cuteness.

So as you can tell, we have been very busy around here. I'm thinking that I might see the light at the end of the tunnel. So maybe I can start blogging more regularly. I just hope that the light at the end of that tunnel isn't a train. hehehehe

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, back in business.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Bat Girl

This last Sunday me and Hubby went to my family reunion. It was a good 3 hrs drive from our house. We had a good time laughing and joking and of course eating with loved family members. So as you could probably tell we were really tired when we got home that night.

We crashed into the bed and was watching the evening news when a flash of wings was seen by the light coming from the t.v.  I, being the brave soul that I am, screamed and flung the covers over my head. "Bat!!!!" I screamed. "Get it out! Get it out!" Hubby, being the real brave soul of the family, got a bad mitten racket and went after the flying, fanged, beast.

I coward, I mean bravely took up post underneath the covers. That way the bat could not hide in our bed. See, I was quick thinking. But, the bat decided that he wanted to come into our bed room and seek shelter. He flew up to the plastic that is our ceiling. Crawled into a small hole, and hid. Now, we couldn't just take down our whole ceiling just to find a bat. (At least that's what Hubby told me.) So Hubby said that it would probably just go between the floor boards and go upstairs. So he went upstairs and opened our upstairs door. (Remember we live in the basement of our house, Kind of puts a whole new meaning on "Bat Cave.") So, Hubby craws back into bed and resumes snoring.

 What!!!!!! I can't sleep with a bat in my house. What happens if I have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. I might get attacked. It might bite me and turn me into a vampire! (Ok, I've watched too much t.v. But, hey, it could happen) So, I covered my head and hoped like crazy that I wouldn't have to pee.

So finally, the alarm went off that morning and I had to get up and get Hubby off to work. I sneak a peek out from under the covers. No bat. Then I sneak out of our bed room. So far, so good. I turn the corner and......The bat was in our window!!!!!!!!!! I screamed and ran back into our bedroom and did a dive underneath the covers that football player would be proud of.

Hubby, being awaken from my scream and the fact that I about bounced him out of our bed with my swan dive,  went out to see if there was anything that he could do. He opened the basement door. Then after a few minutes of him chasing the bat and me "manning" the bed covers, he said he didn't see it anymore and that it must have went outside.

Big sigh of relief. So I got up and give him a  hug and fixed him breakfast and his lunch for that day. After I sent him on his way, I went back to sleep. 4:30 am is not my favorite time of day.

So I spent all day Monday cleaning around the house and canning tomato juice. It was such a pretty day. After Hubby got home from work we had to go  to a family members house. I went into the bed room to get something and started back out and out of the blue that bat swooped down and flew right in front of my face. IT HAD BEEN IN THE HOUSE ALL DAY LONG!!!!!! Once again back to the bedroom  and under the covers screaming, I mean informing, Hubby. "The bat is still in the house!!!!!" It had been in the house ALL DAY LONG!!!!!

Hubby opens the door and it flies right outside. He saw it go. At least that's what he says.......

So until next time, if there IS a next time,

Small Farm Girl, bat girl

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Busy Weekend!

Me and Hubby had a busy weekend. We went to graduation parties, worked in the garden, froze some corn, and went to a horse show.

 Isn't he the cutest thing ever? This was the first time he had ever been in a ring. He won FIRST PLACE!!!!!! Good job!!!!!

Look at that concentration!

This is my friend on a nice palomino stallion. The stallion is only 2 yrs old! He's going to be a big feller.(Sorry these pictures are so bad. I think it's time to buy a new one. Wink,wink. Oh Honey!!!!! hehehehe)

Watching this show got me wanting to be back in the ring again. The last time I was in the ring, I was 17 yrs younger and a million pounds lighter. So, I'm taking riding lessons! Yep, you heard me right. Those poor horses. heehehe. I went to my uncle who has gaited show horses. I asked him to teach me to ride these kind of horses. I always rode quarter horses. I even had a barrel horse at one time. But like I said, that was a million years ago and a million pounds ago. I'm hoping these lessons can get me to get my confidence in riding back. Plus, it's good exercise. Hopefully I'll lose some weight in the process. Wish me luck.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, horse rider.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Blahs

That's right, I have the blahs. No motivation what so ever. I think it's the heat. I don't want to do anything. I have no energy. I have to force myself to get up off the couch. Is this what they call the " Dog Days of Summer?" Well, if it is, I don't like it.

We got our electric bill this weekend. It MORE than DOUBLED! I about fainted.  I can understand going up in the summer because of the air conditioner. But, doubling? No way!!!! Something has to be done. We put up blinds on the windows hoping they would keep out some of the sun and heat. I miss the view outside thought.

I am longing for Fall. The crisp mornings, the frost covered grass, leaves starting to change. I can hardly wait. I know, don't wish my life away. But, I'm getting really tired of this heat.

Now, for some news around the farm. Me and Hubby have decided to move our chickens down to his dad's house. The chickens have been eating our tomatoes as soon as they start turning. We were going to put them in with the goats but with this heat we haven't been able to build them a new chicken house. We can't use their old coop, because a cow got out and went through the fence of the coop.  Oh well, it was either move them or butcher them. Once again, too hot to butcher. Oh well.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, hot

P.s. Wow, I didn't realize how much a "Debbie Downer" I  am right now. :o)