Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Reader Be Warned!

I'm going to rant. I'm sorry for all of the people that read this blog to get a good chuckle at some of the stupid things we do. I'm going to rant. (Deep Breath)


Me and Hubby went to Kroger's today. Hoping to get a few things. Not a whole buggy full, just a few things. The food didn't cover the bottom of the buggy. IT COST ME $58.57! I know it may not seem a bunch of money for people who pay 100s of dollars a week for food. But the thing is, I don't. I usually get the off brand items, the basics, and if, and only if, something is on sale, I might buy a name brand item. I know how much each item cost usually before I go. Why, because I usually get the same items. Cheese, milk, butter, (you can tell I don't have a milk cow)flour, sugar, you know, basics. I know how much things cost. A 16 slice pack of cheese use to be 1.54, now it was 2.24. Wow, what a jump! It wasn't just one item, it was 70% of them.

So now that I have seen this, I'm planning my garden for this spring. I don't know how to make spaghetti sauce, but I'll learn. I made salsa this summer, but not enough. Never again. Hubby will learn to like summer squash.(okay, I said that because I just wanted to see if he will actually try it instead of snarling his nose at it.) We are going to plant potatoes for the first time. Yep, I'm actually going to PLAN the garden.

Okay, I am done ranting now. I feel better. Pheeew.

So until next time......

Small Farm Girl, ranter.

Monday, December 28, 2009

I Told You So

Well, I told you I would post a picture of my Fat Baby Boots.(Which I LOVE!) So here they are.

The dark part on the bottom is where I just washed them off. They had mud on them already. Hey, I buy boots to work in, not just to look pretty. lol.

They are made so that they are a little wider at the feet for stability. They are shorter too so that they aren't tight on your calfes. I really like these boots. The only problem that I have with them, is that they aren't made in the U.S.A. But if I could find some made in the U.S., I would buy them instead.

I also told you I would post pictures of T-Bone. Well, here he is. See, looks just like Sir Loin of Beef.


Sir Loin of Beef

Now that Christmas is over.(Yee Haw!) Things can get back to normal around here. I'm starting to get the "fever." The fever of wanting to get my garden started, wanting to think about buying chicks, and everyday "summer" things. It is 28 degrees out side, and I'm wanting to put out a garden. You always want what you can't have. lol. Please remind me of this feeling when around August I am pulling out my hair because I am overwhelmed. Hopeful this coming summer, my garden can be a little bit bigger than it was last summer. That's my goal anyway.

Oh, well, until next time.....

Small Farm Girl, dreamer.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve

Here at our house, Hubby's kids come over on Christmas Eve day to open presents. We all were happy about what "Santa" brought us. I got a new pair of "Fat Baby" boots. Now I can't use the excuse of not having boots to go out an feed the chickens. lol. I guess it's my turn now. So, I went out to feed the chickens.

Now, we have a St. Bernard. He's really easy to take care of. He even does his "business" out in the pasture. Out of the 5 years that we have had him, he hasn't "gone" in our yard. Until.......(get ready) I wore my new boots out to feed the chickens. He not only "went" in our yard, he "went" in the path from our house to the chicken house. Let's just say the new boots are broke in.

Here is some photos of our new calf that was born last Thursday.

We decided to call him "Sir Loin of Beef."

Then, we went out Monday and found another calf had been born. It's a bull too! We are calling him T-Bone. I'll post pictures of him later too. But, he pretty much looks like Sir Loin of Beef.

My plan is to blog tomorrow but, I know how things happen. So if I don't,


Small Farm Girl, new stinky boot owner.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Snow Storm

We have snow!!!!! I love it! Let me rephrase that. I love the excitement that snow brings.I love how people will stampede to the grocery store to buy milk, eggs, and bread. They all will be talking about the amount of snow that they heard we were going to get. "I heard we were going to get 3 inches." "I heard that we were going to get 5 inches." It goes on and on from there.

Well, we did get around 5 inches of snow. Wet,wet snow. We lost power for a few hours. There are some still people without power. I welcome the peace. You don't realize how noisy your world is, until you don't have electric. No hum from the refrigerator. No hum from the fan on the wood burning stove. All is still and peaceful. I sat down and croqueted Glamor Girl a scarf for Christmas. I read a magazine. I lit candles and just enjoyed the peace. If it wasn't for the freezer full of food, I could live like this. Until, I tried to do dishes. No water pressure. I had to go and dip water out of our cistern. Other than it being a little cold, it didn't bother me. I heated the water up on the wood stove and done the dishes. Just when I thought I could really get use to this, the electric came back on. I almost went and flipped the main breaker for our house. lol

Oh, and another thing that happened in this snow storm. We had a new calf born. The first one we have had for over a year since we had to get a new bull. Why is it that babies have to be born on the worst days? I don't know if it's a bull or heifer, or which cow had it. I haven't gotten close to it yet. When I do, I will post pictures.

So until next time....

Small Farm Girl, snow lover.

Monday, December 14, 2009

No Horse Yet

Well the horse didn't pan out. He was what I wanted physically, but not mentally. He was being adopted out because he was too nervous for the current owner. I think he had ADD. LOL. He would pace in his stall wanting out. You let him out. He would like it for a few minutes. Then he would pace at the gate wanting back in. He didn't associate with the other horses either. He just had too many issues for what I wanted. I'm in no big hurry. The right horse will come around.

Tonight me and Hubby went Christmas shopping. Now that's an experience. I hate shopping. Except we did go to Tractor Supply. I don't mind shopping there. We got a bit of our shopping done. But, there is always that one person that you have no idea what to get them. If they ever want something, they just go out and get it themselves. So then what do YOU get them. I suggested toilet paper. Everybody needs it at some point in their lives. It didn't go over very good. lol. Oh well, I'm sure it will hit me sooner or later. (the idea for a present, not the toilet paper)

So until next time....

Small Farm Girl, non shopper.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Have you ever run into a friend that you haven't seen in about 5 years and it felt like you have never been apart? Well that's what happened to me today at the grocery store. (See, Kroger's is good for something!) We chatted for a while. And yes, we blocked isles. (Quit looking at me that way!) It just felt so good to see her again. You know the kind of good I'm talking about,the good, warm, fuzzy feeling good. We said we would stay in contact with each other over facebook. So I went home, got right on the computer, went to FB, and couldn't find her! Oh no!!!!!!! I went through 510 people looking at pictures looking for her. I didn't know there could be that many people with her name. Still nothing. I was heart broken. Then I went back to my home page and what did I see? A friend request! She found me!!!! How wonderful!

As I was skimming down through FB, a came across a picture of a beautiful Quarter horse for sale. What?! There's usually not pictures of horses on my FB. A lot of my friends don't have horses. This deserved a closer look. And I did look closer. I've been looking for another horse. I'm done with the "walking" horses around here. I have tried for 15 years to like them. I have. I just can't compare them to a good Quarter horse. Their temperament is different and everything. So I called my friend, and now I'm going to go check this horse out. We shall see. I don't want just another horse. I want the horse that will "click" with me. If he doesn't, I will just go on down the road. As cheap as horses are now, I should have no problem finding one that does "click". I told hubby that if I decide to get this horse, he wouldn't have to buy me a Christmas present. hehehehe. That got him. I'm tricky, huh? I'll keep you up to date on the search.

So until next time....

Small Farm Girl, Horse looker.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Cobwebs Are Blowing

It's soooooooo cold! Oh, and windy too! We had wind gusting around 60 mph here. That's windy. The wind moved the chicken house on it's foundation. Hubby has to get the tractor to move it back. Our chicken house is a BIG chicken house. It"s probably 7ft tall, 10ft long, six ft wide. The wind moved it! That just blows my mind. (Get it? "blows?" .."wind?" Never mind.)

The wind also ripped our fancy dancy plastic on the side of our house. Ripped it all the way off. So, the wind that is now COLD(20*), is blowing through our house. BBBBRRRRRR!!!!!We woke up this morning to a temp of 54* in our house. The thermometer is only 6 ft from the wood stove. DOUBLE BBBRRRRR!!!!

The only thing that saved us was(okay, this is not very "homesteady")our electric blanket. I love my electric blanket. Well not really, but right now, I love my electric blanket. Any other time, I hate the electric blanket. I hate the "false" feel of heat that it provides. No matter how low I put the settings, it is too hot for me. I like getting warm with my own body heat and tons of blankets. You know, blankets so thick and heavy that you need to sleep with a bumper jack to jack up the covers just so you can turn over. Now that's how I normally like to sleep on a cold night. But, when the wind is whipping through the house, I LOVE my electric blanket.

Hubby went and got us some new thicker plastic and has wrapped our house again. I think I'll keep him around. But you know what? I'm still going to sleep with my electric blanket tonight. hehehe

So until next time.....

Small Farm Girl, electric blanket lover(for now).

Monday, December 7, 2009

Big Changes A Coming!

Well we have been busy around here. Going to Christmas gatherings and such. Work has been busy too. Which, I guess that could be good. We always could use some more money. Oh, and the big change.....? If everything goes as planned, we will be getting custody of Glamour Girl.(Hubby's daughter)We found out that she hasn't been going to school. She has already missed 18 day since school has started. Her excuse? "She just can't seem to get up." Could it have anything to do with the fact that she stays out all night? Na, couldn't be that. Could it be that when she does get home, she stays up until 5 am? No, surely not. Could it be that her mom is lazy and won't get her out of bed. No, can't be that either. I bet it's the schools fault for having school to early in the morning. Ya! That's it!!!!

Big changes are a coming!

So until later......

Small Farm Girl, eye opener

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Winter has officially arrived here! How do I know? We have wrapped our house. Not just the windows, the whole house. If you haven't been following this blog for very long, you will need to know that the house we live in now was built back in the 1860's. It's not the grand house you would imagine, it's the "poor farmer" type of house. Anyway, we get a 10 ft tall, 100 ft long piece of plastic and literally wrap the outside of our house. It make such a difference! It cuts down on the wind blowing through all of the cracks and crevices. That is why we are building a new house. This one is about to fall down. We don't figure it will be too long until we move into the new one. I can hardly wait.

Another sign that winter has arrived, people are talking about having all of their Christmas shopping done. I hate them.(okay, not really, well maybe a little bit)Each year I tell myself that I am going to start shopping earlier. Never happens. I don't know why. I am just now getting over my stuffed belly from Thanksgiving. I just now am coming out of my turkey coma. I shouldn't have to think about shopping now. I think we should partition the courts to move Thanksgiving to a month that doesn't have a good holiday. Like August, or March. We don't need St. Patrick's Day. If we did that, we would have a longer time to get ready for Christmas. It's just a thought. LOL!

Okay, I'm done for now. Until next time.....

Small Farm Girl, Buh Humbug.