Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Practice What We Preach

Well, it has happened. Hubby has run out of unemployment.(sigh) Now we have to live off of my piddlin' amout of money I make doing people's nails. Hubby has looked for jobs, but there are'nt any good paying jobs open around here. At least not making more than what he was getting on unemployment. (I know, it doesn't make sence) So he kept looking. Now, we have no choice. It's time to"put our nose to the grinde stone" It's time to "tighten our belts",time to "hit the bricks",time to "cut the cheese!"(Okay, maybe not the last one.) You get what I'm talking about. We have always talked about not spending money on frivilous things, but we always had a choice. Now, we don't have a choice.

So wish us luck. We're going to need it.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl,belt tightener(hey, that's better than cheese cutter. lol)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I Think I'm In Love!!!!

That's right, I said it, I am in love. And this time, I'm not talking about my husband. It's with these.

My heart has been stolen by these small, bouncy balls of fuzz. Catherine from Kentucky Hollers, has these beauties.

And now, I get to get two of them. YEA!!!!! I have always loved goats. I had one when I grew up. Want to guess her name? Get ready for it........Nanny! Original huh? Well anyway, I have thought about getting goats for a little while. Hubby is lactose intolerant so I thought he could drink goat milk. But, being the smart one that I am,(or I thought I was)I wanted to make sure I liked goat milk before I bought a goat. So I went to Wal-Mart(don't judge me!) and bought some "goat milk." EEEEWWWWWW!!!!!It was soooooo nasty. Boy, was I glad I bought and tried some milk before I got a goat. Now I won't waste my money.

Well, this weekend we went down to the Jenny Wiley Park for some seminars about making money on a small farm. It was good, but some of the stuff I already knew. One of the big things that they said was coming up right now, was goat milk and cheeses. Too bad I don't like the taste of goat milk. Another thing they said, the goats eat scrub brush and thorns. Our pasture can get overrun by cockle burs and such, if we don't bushhog it every so often. Goats would save us from having to do this. Hmmmmmm.

Anyway, after the seminars were over, we went do visit Catherine's goats. I told her that I didn't like the goat milk that I tried from Wal-Mart.(don't judge me, again!) She gave me some to try. She just milked her goat that morning. All I have to say is YYYYYUUUMMMMM!!!!!!!!It was wonderful!!!! Nothing like the Wal-Mart milk.(don't judge me) I should have known better.

Now after all of that, me and Hubby have decided to finally get us some goats. As soon as they are weaned, we are getting two doelings off of Catherine. So now, I can show pictures of MY goats. lol. Now here are some pictures of Catherine's goats. Just so you know, two of the small ones are mine. The dark one that she calls Mudd, is mine. I just have to pick out another one. I'm so excited!!!!! Okay, here are some pictures.

Okay, I just want to warn you, there will be more pictures of these cutes when they get to my home. So, you had better like pictures of goats. Lol!

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, soon to be goat owner.(Don't judge me!)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One Week Already?

Time flies when your having fun( or, working your butt off). It's been very busy around here. Between chickens,horses and cows, we have hardly had a chance to breath. Oh, and throw a birthday party in there somewhere.

Hubby has made the cutest brooder house for the chicks.

Notice Skeeter is still watching over her "babies?"

The oldest chicks have stayed out there for a few nights now. They love it. Every morning when we open their door for them to go outside, they will stand on the door and fly (well, try to fly) to the other side of their pen. As soon as I can figure out how to post videos on here I have some of the cutest videos of them. It looks like black and white popcorn.

Another video that I want to post is one of my uncles playing music at my uncle's birthday party. Okay, some of these videos are more funny than good.

Yet another thing that happened around here is we had another calf. Good news is, it was a good birth with a protective mother. Bad news, it died after a week. This is the third calf that this mother has lost. I like her, but not enough to keep her as a pet. She is going to go to the sale. Maybe she can help us catch up on some bills. We tried to bottle feed the calf, but by the time we knew the calf was in trouble, it was too late. We had to separate the mother from the calf just so we could get the calf to our barn. Remember me saying she was a protective mother? We used the truck to get in between them. Hubby jumped out, grabbed the calf, threw it up into the cab of the truck, and we drove like mad men to get to the gate. I think the momma knew her calf wasn't going to make it. She didn't try real hard to come after us like she normally does. The calf died a little after we got it away.

We also, had to play doctor to Scout.(Hubby's young colt) Somehow he skinned his leg up. We tried to keep wound solution on it. Any other time when he sees us coming to the fence, you can't keep him away. But, if you have the spray bottle in your hand, you might as well expect to chase him for a half an hour. Smart little booger. Once you catch him and put the spray on his leg, he's fine. The spray doesn't even burn or anything. He just don't want to be caught if it's not his idea. lol.

Oh, and on top of all of this, we are putting in our water line to our new house. YEA!!!!!As soon as the bathroom is hooked up, I am moving in! I don't care if there is no drywall up. I don't care if there are no rugs on the floor. I don't even care if there is no insulation. I want in my new HOUSE! It won't be long now. Double YEA!!!!!!

As soon as I can figure out how to put video on here, I will be posting some.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, vet.

Monday, April 12, 2010

The Community

I don't know about you, but I sometime wish I lived in the perfect community. My community would be made up of a few small farms. Close enough that you could call each other neighbors, but far enough away that you weren't in each others faces all the time. In my community, all the people would work to live, not live to work. If someones house needed the roof fixed, that person wouldn't feel weird asking his fellow neighbor to help out. Infact, that neighbor would be glad to help. The men would work on the house, the women would get together and make a nice dinner. (All homegrown food, of course.)

In my perfect community, everyone would try to live locally. If one family wasn't fortunate enough to have a milk cow, they would either buy it off of one of the neighbors or even better, barter some eggs for it. In my community, we wouldn't have to go to Wal-Mart or Kroger more than twice a year. And that would be JUST for eccentials.( I have to have tolet papper. I'm sorry.) Now doesn't that sound like the best community?????

We are on the way to making that perfect community. Me and Hubby have about 50 acres on top of a ridge. Fire Bug bought the land across from us. He wants to live off of his land and be self sufficent too. The people that live right next to us is an older couple who grow a big garden every year.

Now the reason I'm going on and on about this community is, my cousin is a realtor. There is more land up on this ridge for sale. NICE land. The owner will do land contract. If anyone out there is looking for a place to live and start a nice small, farm, this would be the place. And if I could pick my neighbors, I would want someone who would be willing to work towards the perfect community.

A girl can dream, can't she?

So until next time....

Small Farm Girl, dreamer.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I have been promising to post some pictures of what we have done around the house lately. Well, here they are.

Here is a picture of what the front of our house looked like before the window.

Then Hubby cut out the window hole. The man is good with a chainsaw. lol

Here Hubby is putting in the window.

This is what the front of the house looks like now. Just imagine a deck going all the way across the front there.

Another thing that has been going on around here is, I gave my horse to Hubby's niece. Her fiance has been wanting a horse to ride. I was wanting to sell mine. It worked out. We needed to do something with her(the horse, not Hubby's niece) before I could get a horse that I could ride better. She wasn't hard to handle or anything. Her gait just hurt my back. (I know, I'm a wimp) She looks really small in this picture. She's not. She is over 15 hands tall. Hubby's niece is 6 feet tall. You can't tell it in the picture, but she is actually standing on a slight hill.

It was a sad moment. But, I know it's for the best. The End......Not really. I just always wanted to say that to a picture like this. hehehhe.

I also promised to show pictures of the small pen we made for the chicks. Here Hubby and Glamore Girl are enjoying the chicks. Notice Skeeter is in there with them? She can't leave them alone. They are her "babies."

She is so careful around them.

See, they love her too.

Oh, and Luke watched over them too.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, promise keeper.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm in Pain!

Pain I say! Okay, enough of the drama. I'm just a little sore. You know, the good sore. I planted some onions and potatoes, peas and lettuce too. And as all gardeners know, the first planting of the garden results in a nice agonizing pain that runs down the back of your legs.Planter's legs, is what I call this. lol. Anyway, I'll live.

We have been busy around here this weekend. Not only was it Easter, but the weather was wonderful. Had to get while the getting was good. We put up a pen for the chicks. They are in their gangly stage. Half feathers, half fluff. (I have some pictures to post later.)

Skeeter guarding the chicks was cute at first. Now it is down right annoying! You can't do anything with the chicks without her being underfoot. And if I hear her whine one more time.......AGH! We put her in the pen with them to see what she would do.( Don't get excited, Hubby was in there with her.) She kept trying to lick them. At first they would kind of stay away from her. Then, they didn't seem to care. In fact, they started to peck at her nubbins.(Just trying to keep it PG here) They thought that they were worms. lol!!!!!! She didn't know what to do. I laughed so hard. It got to where they were chasing Skeeter! LOL!Anyway, she still wants to get in with them. I don't think she will ever learn.

Since I haven't been on here since Easter, I want to wish all my bloggies HAPPY EASTER!!!!!

So until next time....

Small Farm Girl, slow mover