Monday, April 6, 2009

This is a picture of some of our cows. We raise Limosine cattle. Not a lot of them, just enough to keep our freezer full and to sell some every so often. We have 8 head of cattle. 6 cows and a breeder bull, and a young bull getting ready for the butcher. I love my cows. They act like old women you would see at a beauty parlor. Some of the older cows act like they are wise and nothing seems to bother them. Its like they are there to give the younger cows advise on how to behave. The younger cows are a little flighty. They dont trust us humans as much. We bought the bull this fall. He doesn't trust people at all! We paid good money for him, but Im not sure if he was worth it. Hes very skittish. We only keep the bull for a few years, so he wont be here too long.

We feed our cattle only hay that we grow and bale. We dont feed our cattle grain. Its been proven that grass fed beef is better for you than the grain fed beef that is common today. They taste a little different, but, I think it still tastes very good. We sell some our young cattle to people so they can have them for their tables. They keep comming back for more. They must like it too.

As I learn more about how to do more on this blog thing, I'm gonna tell some really interesting ( see funny) stories about our adventures in farming.

So for now....

Small Farm Girl signing off. ( That sounded professional didn't it)

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