Monday, April 6, 2009

our horses

These are some of our horses. The closest is my husband's. Her real name is Buttercup. Jay(my husband) refused to own a horse named Buttercup. So he calls her Piggy. I think she resents that. She acts like she doesn't like Jay now. I call her Mama. She was pregnent when we bought her at an auction. I think she likes the name Mama. Jay started calling her Piggy because her whole world is food. She will do anything for food. She lives to eat.

The horse behind her is my horse Foxy Lady or Foxy for short. When we purchased Foxy, she was very skinny. She had a colt a few months earlier. He was a big colt and she had to use alot of energy making enough milk for him. Jay calls my horse Bones. She doesn't like him either......

Horses are such funny creatures.

Ill post more pictures of our other horses later...Like when I can figure out how to put more than one picture on here at a time.

So for now......

Small Farm Girl

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