Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Shack

This is my house, I call it the Shack. It was built back in 1860. Most people, when I tell them that it was built then,get grand ideas of beautiful farm houses with winding staircases, oak trim, 10 ft ceilings, and stain glass windows. Not here. This house WAS built back in 1860, but it was built by a farmer, not a millionaire. I also think a family of termites moved in the day it was finished.

This time of the year we get the dreaded swarms of termites. When I say swarms, I mean SWARMS! You might go to get in bed at night and there will be termites all over your bed. They'll be under the covers, under the pillows, and between the sheets. Good thing those little boogers are easy to kill. But, I hate having to change the sheets when I'm in the mood to sleep. It's also a good thing they don't bite. There have been times when you wake up and they are already in your bed with you. NOT a good way of starting the day.

Now, look real close to the picture.. go on look. Yes, that is plastic wrapped around the whole house. It has no insulation. We have to wrap it with plastic to keep heat in. We heat it with a wood stove so that helps. The wood heat is really warm. Plus, the house is only 700 sq feet. We don't have much room to heat. You may laugh at the plastic, but its warm.

Other than the termites, we do get our share of critters that try to make The Shack their home too. From a flock of starlings,to spiders and mice, to the two 6 foot long black snakes we had found in our pantry. (Now I understand why we didn't have many mice that year.)

Now, before you get all down and start crying about the injustice of the world, there is an upside to all of this.....We are building a new house!!!! yea! It's 2400 sq feet. Talk about an upgrade. The best part of this new house is not that it is bigger, or not that it is warmer or safer. The best part is that it's paid for. It's taking longer to build than a normal build, but we don't owe a dime on it. Now that's worth living in The Shack just a little bit longer.

Excuse me while I put another log in the stove.

Small Farm Girl

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