Friday, May 1, 2009

I haven't wrote on here for a few days. Mainly because I don't really have anything exciting to write about. We went and got some plants from our friends who own a greenhouse. We got three flats of tomatoes, some peppers, watermelons,cantaloupe, and some cucumber plants. My main goal this year is to can lots and lots of tomato juice. I could throw myself into a vat of tomato juice and drink myself out. I love it! Last year I canned about 18 quarts. Not even close to what we should have had. With me making chili and veggie soup, oh and don't forget me drinking it, it didn't last us two months. This year will be different. I plan on having so much tomato juice that we will get tired of it. (I don't see me getting tired of it, but Hubby might)

I also got some cherry tomato plants. I freeze them and eat them frozen in the winter. I would rather eat them instead of chips. Just pop them in your mouth. The frozen skins burst when they hit your warm tongue. WONDERFUL!!!!! I'm going to freeze bags and bags of them.

I also freeze the cantaloupe. Cut it into cubes and freeze them on a cookie sheet. Them pop them into a freezer bag. Instant fresh fruit in the winter. Yum!

We have also gotten out corn and bean seeds. Can't wait to eat them either. (The ripe corn and the ripe beans, not the seeds)

We have been stocking up on flour and sugar too. You never know when you won't be able to just go out and get some. We have been stocking up on tp and toothpaste too. Although, I'm going to learn how to make natural toothpaste. I know, I know, people already think I'm weird for canning my own food. Can't imagine what they will think about me making my own toothpaste. Maybe I won't tell them. Anyway ,like I said, not much going on here. Just getting ready for planting season.

Love always,

Small Farm Girl

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