Saturday, January 30, 2010


Okay, something is wrong with my computer. So for the next few blog times,I will be posting from my mom's house. She doesn't know this yet, but I guess she will after she reads this. Hi MOM! I haven't given up my only connection to the blog world just yet. I'm kicking and screaming. But, I know that I will have to get it fixed. I have a laptop that doesn't want to connect to the Internet. It will when I plug it into the router. But, that's the only way. So I guess you can say I'm grounded.

It snowed last night. Not the 8 inches they were predicting(do they ever get it right?) but, enough to make the roads slick. We got about 3 to 4 inches. It's all pretty.

Who feels like a racehorse in the starting gate? Jumping up and down wanting to run down the track. I sure do. I can't wait for spring to get here. I have so many things I want to do. I want to get them going.(remind me that I said that in a few months)Magazines are being so cruel this time of year. I received my Mother Earth magazine today and on the cover was TOMATOES! Can you believe that? Isn't that considered cruel and unusual punishment? Guess I'll eat some cherry tomatoes that I froze last year. They still have the taste of sun on them.

I want to clean out the chicken coop.( which needs it badly!) But, the poop is frozen solid. (Would that be considered solid waste? hehehehe) I can't shovel it out. It's frozen to the floor. I want to put up a new chicken fence this spring. The one we have kinda died when the chicken coop fell over in the wind storm we had this early winter.

I want to sit on my front porch and sip some tea in the morning. Yes I could do it now, but it would end up being ice tea before I could get to it. It seems like when I start my day sitting on the porch in the morning, the rest of my day goes so much better. If I can get a fiddle by then, I'll play it outside in the morning. (I bet the neighbors will like that. I know their dogs will. lol. You haven't heard me play.)

I guess it's a good thing that I live where there is a definite season change. I wouldn't have so much to look forward to.

So until later,and on a different computer....

Small Farm Girl, racehorse

P.S. Hey Mom, can I use your computer? lol

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Music is in My Blood

Yesterday was my dad's birthday. He is 62. He says that after you pass 60, you no longer say,"Happy Birthday!" You say,"Congratulations!" LOL! Oh well.

Anyway, we had a really nice time. A few friends and family went over to Mom and Dad's house for cake and ice cream. Talk was nice and simple. But, the best thing was when my dad brought out his guitars and banjo. All of my family is musically inclined. If you can't play an instrument, then you can sing. Most can do both. I grew up knowing that every weekend would be spent on our greyhound bus going from one place or another to sing. Boy, could I tell you some stories about that bus. Maybe some day I will. We started out in churches singing gospel music. We went to many different states and many different churches. From singing on tv, to singing at churches that didn't have indoor restrooms. Many of times we didn't even know what kind of church we were going to. We always said that if we walked in the church and there was boxes of snakes on the alter, we would turn around and leave. lol.

Then we started branching out to doing different things. Two of my uncles owned music stores. They would have what they called "jam sections." A bunch of different bands would get together and, well, jam. Blue grass to rock, we did it all. And me, I loved it all. Me and my cousins would dance for hours. I don't know if I could dance through a whole song now. *wink*

So, with my dad and uncles playing music last night, it brought back such wonderful memories for me. It made me want to get another fiddle. When I was in the fourth grade, I took a few weeks worth of violin(fiddle) lessons. I was taught just enough that I know a few simple songs. But, more importantly, I was taught the basics. I can always improve with the basics. Once I get a fiddle, I'll be able to join in with the fun too. So I'm looking to buy a fiddle. Because, if your gonna play in Kentucky, you gotta have a fiddle in the band. Hehehehee.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, wanna be fiddler

P.S. I had some really good pictures of them playing music last night. But, I took them with my phone, and I don't know how to put them on here yet. lol

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Singing In The Rain

It's raining here. Imagine that! This week seems like everyone has had rain. Bunches and bunches of rain. Mom and Dad's creek has swollen so they couldn't get out this afternoon. They have to cross a small creek to get out onto the public road. It's such a small creek that I can drive my compact car through it. Not now. It is really rolling.

I know there are a lot of people out there that are getting flooded. The rain has done some damage to properties and such. But, since it is a warmish rain, has anyone just took the time and just enjoyed it? Have you stood out in the rain and not worried about your hair getting messed up or your clothes getting wet. Have you just been in the moment and enjoyed the feel of the rain as it hit the top of your head and ran down your scalp? What about the sound of it hitting your coat? Is it a soft sound hitting a wool coat? Or, is it a "splat" as it hits a raincoat? Have you tilted your head back so that it would rain on your face? The feel of it hitting your eye lashes? Oh, and don't forget about the smell. Is there a better smell than the smell of a cleansing rain? I think not. (Unless it's the smell of a good clean barn.)

I'm not saying that this rain hasn't caused us some problems with all the mud and such, but take the time to enjoy the simple things in life. The simple things are always the best things.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, rain dancer.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I have tried and tried to come up with something to blog about today. Nothing exciting has happened around here. We got 12 eggs today. It rained,again. The dog barked out the window at something that I couldn't see,again. We caught a mouse in the mouse trap, I threw it out in the pasture and Skeeter(my wiener dog) brought it back and laid it on the sidewalk for us to step on, again. I stepped in dog poop, again. (Don't even get me started on that) I looked at the dirty dishes and decided to do them tomorrow,again. I set on the couch and watched tv, again. I fixed veggie soup, again. So you see, nothing exciting has happened around here today,again.

Oh wait, I did make some French bread today. It came out pretty good. Looks like I'm going to have to make it.........again. Hehehehehe.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl,again.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Am Back!

Yes, I am back. Do not send out the cavalry. I am still alive and kicking. We have just been busy. Which is good. Let me try to update you on what has happened around here.

The weather has finally broke to warmer temps. Which is good, we had two more calves being born. We think one is a bull, and the other is a heifer. We are not 100% sure because we leave the mommies alone with them for a few days. They get kind of grumpy when we try to get close to their new baby. We got to watch one of them being born. Three minutes flat! Now that's pushing! The other one just showed up one morning. We keep the bull in with the cows. We found that we lose less breeding opportunities that way. We have lost less babies from weather than from the cow just not coming into heat when the bull was with her.

We also have been working on the house. Hubby is in the process of wiring it. Almost done with the electric. I had to figure out were all the appliances and lights were going to go. That was fun. I could imagine how everything was going to look. I can hardly wait!

Another thing that we have decided to do is downsize our "herd" of chickens. (I know it's suppose to be a flock, but I like "herd of chickens" better.) We have 26 now. Way to many. We could sell the eggs and all, but we would never get our money back, let alone make some. So we decided to just keep about 6 hens and a rooster. Just enough for us. And if we do have extra, GIVE the eggs away to family and friends. It doesn't pay to have a bunch of chickens through out the winter. We are getting eggs, but not like if it was warmer. I don't think they like the cold weather. lol.

Oh, and talking about cold weather, has anyone seen the news about the lizards in Florida. The news said that these lizards, about the size of a small iguana, were falling out of the trees because they were cold. Once their body temperature got below forty degrees, they would become paralyzed and just fall out of the trees. They showed this little girl picking them up and putting them in boxes and bringing them into the house. Then, they would get warm and jump out of the box and go running around the house. My dad, being the cleaver man that he is, said,"Looks like they have a reptile dysfunction." I about died laughing at him.

Hopefully things will get back on track around here and I can start getting my normal things done.

So until next time......

Small Farm Girl, back in the saddle.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Goings On Here.

Everyone else has said it, so I will too. IT'S COLD OUTSIDE!!!!!You know it's cold out when your nose hair freezes with each breath. But, there is relief in sight. I saw the 7 day forcast today. It said it will be up to 40 next week. WOW! 40! Heat wave! Get the bikini! Fill up the kiddy pool! (Okay I went overboard.)

The birds have really hit the birdfeeder hard. They kelp fighting over it. So, I took a big dinner plate and filled it up with wild bird seed and placed it on our freezer which is outside on our front porch. (You know your a redneck when you have an appliance on your front porch. I did have a toilet on the porch. I put flowers in it. It was a flower pot. Get it, flower pot? I kill me sometimes.) Anyway, the freezer is right outside my livingroom window, so I get to watch the birds up close and personal. I love it. It lets me know I'm not the only living creature moving around in this frozen tundra.

Well, Hubby comes home tonight. I can hardly wait. I don't see how people can have their husbands work out of town Or, how hard it would be for their spouse to be in the armed forces. But, I guess you could get use to it. I just don't want to. I am planning on having the house all clean and nice when he comes home. (Yet I'm here writing this blog. lol. I'm such a procrastonater.)

One thing I kinda like about Hubby being gone is the time that I have spent with my chickens. I forgot how much I really like them. With him feeding them, I just didn't go out to see them that much. I forgot how much personality they have. They are so funny. In the morning, if they are still on the roost when I go out to feed them, they act like they have never jumped off of the roost before. They will pace back and forth looking at the ground. It looks like they are saying,"I think I can, I think I can." Come on! You do this every day! Just jump! I just sit back and laugh.

I also have one white hen. She will get by my feet and just look up at me like,"Well, are you going to feed us?" All the other chickens are going about their chicken business except her. She has so much personality. She just watches everything I do.

Another good thing about the chickens, they have started to lay more eggs. They quit there for a while. I even had to (gulp) buy eggs from the store. Now they are starting to lay again. We got 7 eggs yesterday! The pep talk I gave them must have helped. (Or the little speech about chicken and dumplins.) Either way, they are laying again. Yea!!!!!!

Well it's getting a little late. I had better start cleaning.

So until next time.....

Small Farm Girl,chicken whisperer.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hubby Has Left Me For A Man.

Okay now that I have your attention........, he went up to Columbus to help my cousin work on his house. But, it makes for a good conversation starter. lol. He will be gone until Friday night or Saturday morning. So I'm here alone. I miss him. Although it's nice to watch whatever I want on TV. I miss him. Although it nice to fix whatever I want for dinner.(even Chinese,he hates Chinese food.)I miss him. Although it's nice to be able to spread out in the bed. I miss him? Okay,okay....yes,yes, I miss him.

I miss him getting wood in for the stove. I miss him feeding the chickens in the morning before I go to work. I miss his furnace like heat in the bed. (Although an electric blanket works good to.) It's nice to have him here to tell about little things. Things that are not important enough to pick up the phone and call him. Although, it is nice to be able to use the computer anytime I want and not worry about sharing. lol.

But if anyone tells him that I miss him, I will deny,deny,deny. lol.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, TV remote holder.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

100th Post!!!!! And New Year!!!!!!

It's not only the begining of a new year, it's my 100th post. Wow, time sure does fly! I didn't realize I had that much to say. So,in honer of this being the new year and all, I started to think of the things that I wanted to do or do differently this year.

1. Get our finances under control. Hubby has been laid off for over a year now. Sure we have his unemployment, but that's not the same as him having a job. I'm writing down every single cent we spend. I want to know were it goes and for what.

2. I've GOT to lose weight. I know, I know, everybody makes this resolution. That's why Weight Watchers loves this time of year. I problem is, I don't need to lose just 5,10,or 30 pounds. I've got a LOT of weight to lose. (Ever wonder why you never see pictures of me? Yep, too fat.) But this year, I'm going to lose it. My short range goal is to lose 40 pounds by the begining of May. I need you guys for support. Maybe telling you about my journey to a smaller me will keep me on track. Don't worry, this is not going to be a "diet blog".

3. We are going to work on living a more sustainable life. Having a bigger garden and doing more canning. I'm already planning on what to plant in my garden.

4. I plan on riding horses more. Wether it is the horse I have now, or a new one. It dosen't matter. I'm going to be smaller come time to ride, and I'm going to ride.

5. If I start a project, I'm going to finish the project. No more half finish projects. That always drives me crazy!

6. Organize.

7. Have fun! Isn't that what life is all about?

Okay, now that you know what you will be reading about in the new year to come, I hope you stick around with me.

So until later.....

Small Farm Girl, soon to be ex-fatty.

P.S. No, this is NOT going to be turned into a diet blog. lol.

P.S.S. I just figured out how to change my background, so there might be a few changes on here.