Friday, April 10, 2009

Its Friday!

Yes, it's Friday. This is the day you look back on the week and think, "What did I do this week?" This is also the day you look forward to the weekend and think,"What can I get into this weekend?" Since this is Easter weekend, there will be the traditional family gatherings. But, I'm now wanting to get my little farm into shape. I'm more into cleaning the yard instead of cleaning my plate. (Although you can't tell that by my waist line.)

The chicken coop needs some work. The last big wind storm we had blew the chicken house over.( poor chickens, what a ride!) We set it up right, but now we need to redo the fencing. I get a few hens that get out. And where do you think they make a bee line for?.....My garden! I only have onions planted now, but they peck at the small sprouting onions and pull them out of the grown. They don't eat them, they just pull them out of the grown! I hate to clip their wings. They might need them to fly away from a predator. But right now, it's them, or my garden. And right now, my garden is gonna win.

Happy Easter everyone!!!!

Love Small Farm Girl

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Midlife Mom said...

I would love to have some chickens and nice fresh eggs every day! Unfortunately even though we live on 400 acres of land we are on the edge of a housing developement and can't have anything but horses. Some day I would like to build right in the middle of the 400 acres and then I could do what I want!!!lol! Thanks for stopping by and Happy Easter!