Sunday, July 19, 2009

Me and Hubby haven't been home much this week. He has been helping my Dad build his garage.

See that gizmo on the front of the tractor? Hubby and his dad designed that just for the purpose of putting up trusses. He's soooo clever.

Roz, Mom and Dad's dog, was helping too.

I don't want to make all of my friendly bloggers jealous, but the temps that day were in the lower 80's. See how nice and blue the sky was? It felt wonderful.

"Are you done taking pictures yet?"

Yes Roz, I'm done taking pictures. You can go back to "helping".

I hope I can get more time to blog this week.

Until next time.....

Small Farm Girl, contractor.

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Anonymous said...

Men and their garages!! Looks like it's coming along terrific. I like the Gizmo on the tractor. That's how inventions were started!! Maybe a patent in is order and you'll make millions!!! Roz looks like a great helper. I take it she is the Supervisor! She looks like a Disney Dog! It's gonna be another pretty day today too! Should get a lot done today!!...debbie