Friday, July 10, 2009

Just work

Not really much to report here right now. All I've done is work off farm. It's funny, doing nails is not really a physical job. But, why does it make me sooooo tired? I could work all day around the farm and still have energy. A few hours sitting at a desk talking to people and I'm worn out. Maybe I'll have more to blog about this weekend. I know I'll have more energy.

Until later....

Small Farm Girl, tired.


granny said...

I think when you are doing something you really dont enjoy, it takes more of a mental effort.And you feel tired and drained afterwards..have a nice weekend at home :0)

Anonymous said...

Your nice and close so you can come to Reilly's party today!! Your tired because your going to bed to late maybe! lol. That's what happens to me! Will e-mail back to you next week about lunch - would love to meet yer hubby - I'm glad to see he is protective of you!! That is sweet! Have a great weekend! ...debbie