Sunday, July 12, 2009

After The Storm

We had a pretty bad storm around here yesterday. A few miles north of here, a tornado was reported. We got a lot of rain, about 3 inches. That would have been good if it had come over a few days instead of 45 minutes. Anyway, the wind was pretty bad around here too. Our corn got tipped a bit, but I think it will pull out of it.

Hubby's dad's corn did not fair well.

They said they are going to try and plant some more corn. They hope they still have time. I guess we'll see.

Anyway after the storm, the temperature dropped quite a bit, so me and Hubby decided to go a pick some blackberries. We picked for about 20 minutes when Hubby said he had to get some pruning shears at the house and he would be back in a little while. No problem. I picked and picked for about another 20 minutes. I got about a gallon of blackberries. They weren't at their peak of ripeness yet. I was picking away, minding my own business enjoying listening to the cattle munch on the grass a few yards away from me. Out of the corner of my eye I notice the stray black cat that runs around our farm. It was about 15 feet away from me rummaging around in the berries. I didn't pay it much attention. I kept picking and picking. I ran out of berries that I could reach at the spot where I was standing, so I glanced around for more berries. The black cat caught my eye again. Still 15 feet away, still rummaging in the berries. "Oh," I thought, "That cat has a bit of white on it. Right down its back!" SKUNK!!!!!! Back away from the berries! Back away quietly! Once I got a berry bush between me and the skunk, I sprinted up the hill(Yes, this fat body did sprint.)to get away. When I got to the top of the hill, I could look down and still see the skunk. It was acting like nothing ever happened. It was still eating the berries. After I finally caught my breath, Hubby came back with the pruners. I was officially done picking berries that day. lol I had my adrenaline rush for the day. But, we did end up with a gallon of berries. I hope they are worth it.

Until later....

Small Farm Girl, sprinter.


Kathryn said...

Oh, that's funny! When i read that you saw the cat rummaging in the berries i was thinking, snake, rat, ? the cat was after. The skunk was a total surprise, as it was to you too! :)

Donna. W said...

That corn may stand back up; I've seen it laid mighty low and grow back tall. Cliff was reading online today that Peaches and Cream sweet corn is the worst for falling down in the wind, and that Bodacious (I had never heard of that) is better-tasting and doesn't blow down so bad.

Kelle at The Never Done Farm said...

Sometimes the corn will stand itself back up, but your FIL's is down pretty flat! Sorry and I pray they have time to plant another crop.

Skunk, and the idea it was practically under your nose and you thought it was a cat, LOL!!! Mike shot one last Fall, head shot, and it sprayed and sprayed, our place and surrounding area smelled for days, YUCK! Good thing the skunk was busy eating berries and couldn't be bothered to spray you. I'd sure hate to smell like it did around here for days, made me sick to my stomach.

Now if you get some heat, that corn should stand back up and grow like mad! Ours is coming along well, can't wait for the first roasted ear!


Anonymous said...

Here kitty, Kitty - if you notice, they really don't have good eye sight. The ones in our front yard in the mountains I got real close to take their picture. But, they scare me...mine were itty bitty. Funny story though - glad you finished with your berry pickin! The storm you got the other day we got about 40 minutes later and the rain was really hard. We thought we were going to have a lot more rain and battoned down everything, but the high winds didn't come. Sorry about your corn patch. I bet it will come out of it pretty good....debbie

Caribou said...

Thanks for sharing your skunk story! LOL
Sorry to hear about your corn. Hope it recovers for you guys.