Sunday, July 5, 2009

Celebrating the 4th

Every 4th of July our little community of South Shore has a parade. For a town of 2100 it's a big deal. People come from surrounding towns and cities to see, and be in, this parade.

Do me a favor, DON'T bring your dogs to things like parades. This parade is known for a cannon that is let off during the parades route. This poor dog was going CRAZY! Not just because of the cannon, there were police crusers and fire trucks blaring their horns and sirens. The lady just laughed and tried to keep the dog quite. I know some people love their dogs, but for the dogs best interest, please, keep it home. Okay I'm done preaching.

We had to have things like this in the parade. I mean, we ARE in the Appalations.

People will do anything to be in a parade. Notice the deer antlers on the front?

I've never seen anything like this saddle add on. What a great idea!

Oh, don't forget this little feller. How cute! I wanted to go get me one right there. Good thing we only drove the car. I would have stole it.

Well I hope everyone had a great 4th. We sure did.

So for now,

Small Farm Girl, parade watcher.


Jennifer said...

"Small town" parades are the best! Glad you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

i love our small town parades, it's neat to see your neighbors, kids all dudded up and smiling and laughing and me watching with a hot dog stuffed in my mouth. Nothing beats a good hot dog!! The horses are my favorite part of any parade big or small!!...debbie

granny said...

We have a Christmas parade in our small main street,I love it!The fire truck usually sprays everyone with water as they go by,it's so hot at that time,the kids love it!

Robbyn said...

I've read your recent and back posts...I've not been here and really appreciate your comments on my blog...thank you! Your realization that it's easier to reduce bills than it is to make more money is exactly what my hubby and I realized, too, and it has continued to make sense. I'm really glad you're going to continue blogging. And your peach butter sounds fabulous!

:) Robbyn/thebackforty