Monday, August 9, 2010

Quit Bugging Me!

We are experiencing technical difficulties. Okay, we WERE experiencing technical difficulties. That's why I haven't been on here for a while. I had 4 viruses and 2 rouge programs. WOW! Now,thanks to a wonderful nephew, we are back up and running. YEA!!!!

Just in time to tell you about our bug problem. Ants,spiders,and crickets,oh my! Let's start with the ants. Ants are everywhere right now! I mean EVERYWHERE! If a teeny,tiny, drop of ice tea gets dropped on the kitchen counter, BAM, ants. If a drip of butter happens to land on the stove, KAPOW!,ants. If a tomato,yes,tomato, is left unattended, KABLEWY,ants. The only place that we don't have ants is (get ready for this) in an iron skillet. I can leave an iron skillet completely full of food and the ants will not touch it. Go figure.

Now the spiders.....We are killing spiders every night. Not just your normal everyday spiderweb spiders. OOOOOHHH NOOOOOO, couldn't be those. We are having to kill the giant field spiders. You know the kind. I think they are the size of my St. Bernard. Okay, maybe not that big. But close. The spiders are roaming my house every night. And every night, we kill them. Now before I get comments about picking them up and putting them outside(yea right), I'm all for bugs being in their natural environment. My house is off limits.

Now for the cricket.......We have a cricket that has taken up residence in our bedroom. How do I know this? Because it announced it to me ALL night long. "Good night Hubby" Cheep,cheep,cheep. "Hubby, can you turn up the t.v.? Cheep,cheep,cheep. "Honey, can you kill that cricket?" Cheep,cheep,cheep. Enough all ready. I couldn't find the little cheeper. I did find earplugs though.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl,cheep,cheep, cheep.

P.S. Tonia over at is giving away some really nice things. Check her out. She is really interesting and entertaining.


Anonymous said...

Im all for killing those wretched field spiders. If they bite you, you will know it and get sick. So kill away my friend!! We have little tiny ants. We sprayed outside and now they are gone. They live in the mulch. Been wondering where you were. Missed ya....debbie

Melissa E said...

I dont mind spiders outside...but my house is off limits to them too! Crickets are the worst cause they stop chirping when you get close enough to catch them...they are almost impossible to find when they get inside! Glad you got the "bugs" out of your computer too!

Wendy said...

Very funny about the cricket.

One time, there was this very loud cricket in my kitchen, and I was trying to figure out exactly where it was, and so I was walking around the kitchen, listening very intently, but it seemed like wherever *I* moved was where the cricket was loudest. I was beginning to believe it was following me around the kitchen. After twenty minutes or so, I was about to give up. I looked down, and on the scrunched part of my sweatpants, was the cricket. It had been hitching a ride on my leg the whole time :). Silly bug! He went outside ;).

small farm girl said...

Thanks for the comments guys!
Debbie, I didn't know that you could get sick from those spider bites. Great, now something else to worry about. lol
Melissa, those crickets ARE hard to find! I am trying to teach my dog to be a cricket dog. I'll tell you how it goes. lol
Wendy, that is soooo funny! Sounds like something that would happen to me. hehehehe

Melodie said...

EEEWWwwwww! Hope you can get rid of at list some of those buggers! It seem like we get a different "infestation" every year at our place..the first year it was hoards of luv bugs and pantry moths...last year it was fleas and lady is weird how it is something different every year...

soni lil sis said...

what you need is to get that ortho max. We sprayed outside and inside as a barrier and it helps trust me.

Texan said...

oh my do I know that cheep cheep cheep .. is that not just maddening!!! I hope you find that little sucker soon!

simply_complicated said...

spider and ant traps. i don't like to kill things, but i have my limits. invasion of my kitchen is one of them. i get spider traps (they look almost like a folded mouse glue-trap) from Lee Valley, and i use conventional ant traps. they do wonders... and help my peace of mind. i don't know if it'd help, but using spray insulation on the cracks around your windows and other access points near ground level will slow down their ingress. good luck in the battle!