Monday, August 17, 2009

"Weed" Garden

A few days ago me and Hubby bought some herbs for the herb garden. I'm going to try and start a nice one. I want one that has some herbs for cooking and some for medicinal proposes. I think herbs are powerful "weeds." I also think the art of using them is lost. Not many people believe in herbs anymore, except for making food taste good. My ancestors believed in them, and I'll bet your ancestors did too. Maybe you still do. I hope so. We need more people to be able to use natures remedies instead of the synthetic "medicine"that mainstream doctors are pushing now. I'm not here to say mainstream medicine is wrong or right. What I am saying,is don't overlook nature for some things.

Anyway, I needed to get my new "gems" into the ground today. But, since I have been making salsa and freezing corn all day long, I found myself outside in the dark planting the herbs. I was going to plant them early tomorrow morning but, it's suppose to really rain around here the next few days. So,my window of opportunity was shrinking. I had all but one more to plant when the phone started to ring. So, laying down all my planting tools, I went inside to answer it. Of course, it was nothing important. But, as I went back outside to finish the garden, what did I see? My St. Bernard scratching a place in the newly tilled earth! He was making his self a nice place to sleep! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!Of course I yelled at him to get out of my garden. (Yes, I know he just wanted a cool place to lay. Please don't comment on my being mean to him. lol) That's when he looked at me like, "What?" As he was getting up to leave, I turned around and Skeeter(my mini wiener dog) was squatting on the other side of the herb garden peeing!!!!I can't win for losing!

Oh well, I guess if my herbs can live through my dogs' punishments, they will be able to live through anything.

Until next time....

Small Farm Girl, herb-avore.


Chris W said...

We're doing more herbs too. This year they are in one 6x6 bed and another 4x12. I started digging next years, which will be a roughly 30 foot octagon with a pathway in the center.
If you don't have it on your list,I really reccomend yarrow. That stuff took the sting right out of hornet stings in seconds!

Faith said...

Yeah, I've still got pots of herbs out on my front porch that need to be planted. Just haven't even had time to do anything lately. LOL

I'm ready for a good long vacation!

Oh, wow! I get upset enough at our own dog for laying in the beds. You've got a St. Bernard? LOL Yikes! I bet he can take out an entire planting in one galumph!


Anonymous said...

Lol, sorry to chuckle, but my images of the big brute making a bed in your herbs, and the other one peeing...well...made me chuckle a bit. Ah, but what can we do? We love them and have to either put up with them or put up a little fence. I opted for the foot high fence and Lincoln won't go over it unless there is another dog on the other side of the big yard fence...I think herbs are a tough they may have a good chance!! lol...debbie

Kristin said...

I'm sure the St. Bernard thought you were tilling that earth just for him! Very cute.

I had intended to do herbs this year and it just didn't happen. NExt year, for sure.

R Dean said...

SFG, so funny about your St. Bernard..your herb garden idea sounds great..I know Faith (Lemondadeadventures)and Tracey (dancingchickenfram) grow herbs also..we need to include some next year!

R Dean