Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Holler (picture heavy)

With the warm weather around here, I decided to take the dogs down into the holler. I don't have good hiking boots yet, so I just pulled on the old Muck Boots and took the four wheeler out for a little ride.

The dogs loved it! I took many pictures of them, but I figured I would leave those pictures for another post.  There were a lot of pictures of the dogs. lol

I hate that there was an old tires down in the holler.  I'm not sure where it came from, but I'm sure it's been there for a REALLY long time. 

This is our house from the back side and the beginning of the holler.

The holler is pretty deep in some places.  I couldn't walk down the hill, let alone ride the four wheeler down there.  In some places, it's straight up and down.  When the kids were smaller, we use to get plastic garbage bags and "sled" down the hill in the leaves.

Here is where a spring comes out of the ground right under this tree.  It always has water here.  Plus, it never has frozen. (yet)

It's deeper than it looks in this picture.

This is our fire ring that we used only a few times.  I LOVE it here in the summer.  It's cooler than on top of the hill.  I would sleep down here, but it's very rocky and I'm very wimpy. lol

The squirrels love it down here too. There's a bunch of nuts.

I noticed a bunch of different types of mushrooms down here too.  I'm gonna have to get a mushroom identification book for the Appalachian Mountains.  I could have a holler full of gourmet food. 

There are many different types of moss too.  The rocks are soooooo beautiful.

I'm just happy to see some signs of green.

The walk/ride did me some good.  I'm the type of person that can recharge in the woods.  I always have been. I just have to remind myself that every once in a while.  I have to reconnect to nature, especially in the winter when the world is dark and gray.  Today was sunny, warm, and wonderful.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, get out to your holler.


Vera said...

What a lovely holler. We don't have one, but we do have a river on one of our farm boundaries, which I ignore for most of the time. But when I do have a wander along the river bank I also feel recharged. Been feeling a bit 'shut in' lately so thanks for reminding me to take time out and spend time by that river so that I, too, can recharge.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful land! We also have pretty hollers, caves and creeks. We have a lot of hemlock trees, oaks, hickory, pines and mt. laurel. Thanks for the pictures, it made me feel like I was there.

Expert Weed Gardener said...

Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Kelle at The Never Done Farm said...

Thank you for the tour, it was wonderful. You are blessed to have such a place on your farm. I love going down by the river and just sitting on an old fallen tree, listening to the water, the ducks and geese, even the bald eagle calling to their young to come down and fish. I imagine what it must have been like when Lewis and Clark split up at the fork in the river and what each of them must have seen on their journey down. I can daydream like I was a kid again, it's good for the soul. :)

Tonita said...

Love your Aussies. I have had Aussies and or Rotties for over 40 years. Miss my standard Aussies and have a crazy little mini one now. Just not the same..he also has mini brains. But my other 3 dogs make up for his mini brains.
Sweet pics.