Monday, February 29, 2016

Once Again. Chickens!

We finally got more CHICKENS!!!!  YAY!!!

Hubby found a great deal on some young pullets and hens.  They are just starting to lay eggs.  It is cheaper for us to buy them at this age than it would would be to raise them from little babies.  Although, they aren't as cute as little balls of fluff.

Our 5 roosters that we have, are very happy to have their own little harem.  I'm sure the one single hen that we had was happy to share all the men. lol.  This young rooster was strutting his stuff for the girls.  The wind was really whipping that day as you can tell by his feathers.

Since the weather is starting to turn warmer, I've been feeling a little better, mood wise, and I'm wanting to get out and start on things outside.  I bought a few asparagus plants and I've scoped out a spot in the yard to make an asparagus bed.  It's going to be close to the Shack (which is still under construction).

 I plan on making an announcement about the new things going on here at the farm in the near future.  There are just a few things that need to be taken care of first.  I promise I won't forget you all. lol.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, egg eater.


Vera said...

Glad you are feeling better in yourself and that you are getting your energy back.

Unknown said...

As much as we like raising the balls of fluff, it's definitely easier & more cost effective to get them as they start laying, even more so when adding to an existing flock!

Country Girl said...

My sister in Maryland had a bunch of chickens. They also have Guinea hens that are out of the coop. She has learned many lessons about the Great Horned Owl that stalks the Guineas and the foxes too. Have fun with your chickens! And happy Spring!