Sunday, February 14, 2016

Homesteading Videos

It's a hundred degrees below zero here on the farm.  Okay, that may or may not be an exaggeration.  Either way, it's cold!  I keep telling myself that it can't last too much longer.  According to the weather that I check on the Internet, today will be the last REALLY cold day for a while.  It's also telling me that we are suppose to get 3 to 6 inches of snow tonight.  Ugh.  So what does a person do when it's this cold outside? (Other than break ice out of watering bowls for the rabbits and chickens)  I'm watching homesteading videos on YouTube.

If you have the time, and you want a good laugh, I highly recommend watching these videos.  PLEASE REMEMBER, just because these people have a YouTube channel about homesteading DOES NOT make them experts.  In fact, some of these videos are down right entertaining on how BAD they are.  I'm not saying they are ALL wrong.  There are some good ones on there.  But, you have to be selective.  Make sure you do your homework. lol

I really find these videos entertaining, especially the ones that try to be funny and informative at the same time.  Or, the videos where people try to "act" for the camera.  You'll just have to watch some of them.  So the next time you are stuck inside, check some of the homesteading videos out.

I DID find some that I thought were pretty informative.  Come to find out, I know more than I thought. Ha HA! I guess I just think a lot of this stuff as common knowledge. But, that's because I live in the Appalachian area and people still kind of homestead here.  We just call that normal living. 

What I did like about these videos were that they really motivated me into to figuring out our game plan for this coming year.  I started looking into what to plant in our garden. Like I said last year, I don't plan on it being a huge garden.  I'm wanting something that I can maintain.  And with me being down in my back and knees and Hubby working full time, we shall see just how big that will be.  I keep telling myself not to do what I do every year, which is plan this HUGE garden because THIS year I'm going to work in it really hard and pull every weed, and mulch around every plant, and can every veggie that comes out of there.  Ya, that is the lie I tell myself every year.  Then "things" just happen and the garden gets neglected.  We may still get a few things out of the garden every year, but we don't do it justice.  

Well, as I'm typing this, I see the snow is starting to fall.  They have upped the total snow fall amounts just a little.  Oh well, back to watching homesteading videos. lol

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, What's YOUR favorite homesteading information center?


Donna. W said...

Pretty nice day here. I went on my weekly walk. Supposed to get around 70 toward the end of the week!

Vera said...

I agree about those homesteading videos! I watch as lot of them as well, and also find them amusing. But the most 'interesting' are the ones where people leave the city to go 'off grid' in the countryside!

Kelle at The Never Done Farm said...

There are a few videos I enjoy but for the most part I feel as if they are lacking the time behind the skills, if you know what I mean. We've been living a homesteading life for over 20+ yrs and we'd be the first to tell you we are still learning new things, skills and challenges. Some of the videos are from people just starting out and they come across as the for most experts on everything. Our theory is that you should never stop learning, well until you die anyway. ;)