Sunday, January 3, 2016

Running The Dogs

If you've ever had Australian Shepherds, you know how much energy they have. If you've never had them, well, just trust me.  They have A LOT!  So, ever since Jack went to his new home, I've been running the dogs with the four wheeler.  I'll run around the yard and they'll run in front of me.  Well, more like Holly trying to take Chassis' legs out from under her. (Holly's a little trouble maker sometimes.)  We do this until the dogs' tongues are hanging out and they aren't trying to "attack" each other any more. I usually do this twice a day.  Mostly after I do the morning and evening chores.

Since we've had a few days of rain and the ground has gotten a little soft, I've noticed I was making some pretty noticeable tracks in the yard.  So, I decided to run the dogs around the parameters of our fields.  I could kill two birds with one stone.  Check fencing, while the dogs played. The thing is, I think I've enjoyed these runs/rides as much, if not more, than the dogs have.  I forgotten how much I love nature.

Our farm had a lot of open pasture and hay fields.  But, tucked down in the holler and in a couple corners, there are a few acres of woods. These acres are new to me and I haven't explored them.  I didn't realize how much acres of woods we actually had.  That was, until I started doing the runs with the dogs.  I'm thinking about getting some really good hiking boots and see if I can walk a little down in the holler for some exercises.  I haven't tried it yet so I'm not sure how well my legs and back will be able to handle it.  But, I figured it would be better to explore now while the leaves are off the trees, than when it starts to get hotter and the ticks and snakes start coming out. A good walking stick will be useful for me also.  I'm sure there are many things to explore out there. While I was riding, I saw old outcrops of rocks and small waterfalls.  I also saw mushrooms on logs.  Sure, I saw these things from a distance, but that makes me want to get a closer look.  I'll make sure I bring the camera with me so I can post some pictures on here.

 I'll also make sure I bring the dogs, my cell phone, and yes, my pistol.  You never know what I could come across back there. I mean, they HAVE spotted a bear just a mile from here.  The coyotes are horrible around here too.  But, the many times that I've went hunting with my dad and the times I've went by myself, have gotten me prepared for stuff like that. It'll be like finding and exploring a whole new world right in my back yard.  I can't wait!

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, explorer.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you'll be taking your pistol with you when you go exploring..I got my carrying permit a couple months ago. We also have bears, coyotes, and wildcats, so I don't do as much exploring as I used to. But on the up side, I killed my first deer Friday, an eight point (off the back porch), sorta crazy for a senior citizen! Happy New Year, and thanks for letting me follow your blog.