Wednesday, January 6, 2016

500 Million Dollars

It's 9:00 pm Wednesday evening.  We've just got back from the gas station to get fuel and a dream ticket.  You know, a lottery ticket.  The jackpot is suppose to be over 500 million.  That's a half a BILLION dollars. Do I expect to win? No.  It's just fun to dream.  I DO know a few people who have won the lottery.  One of them won a big one of a few million dollars. The others I know, have won on scratch-offs and other types of lotteries and they won a few thousand dollars.  So, I know that the lotto can be won.

For me, I just want a chance to dream.  I know I probably won't win, but why not give it a try?  The money does go to a lot of different schools plus, I REALLY like to dream about winning it.  On the way back, Hubby and I were spending the 300 million dollar pay-off that we were "going to win." Of course we would have the house finished. We would have a garage built. I would have a barn built. We would have fencing done. We would buy a new tractor. Oh, and give 10% to our church before all of that. And then, I'm not really sure WHAT we would do.  Would we travel, or would we stay put? I do know that I would still live a self sustaining lifestyle.  Grow our own food and such.  I think the money would just make it a little easier. lol.

Oh well, I guess, when I win, I'll be able to figure it out then.  hehehe

Until next time,

Small Farm Girl, the next millionaire.


thecrazysheeplady said...

Ooh, a fellow competitor haha :-D

DFW said...

I'm with you, it's fun to dream & $2.00 isn't going to break the bank, yet. And now, it's going to be at least $675m! I see me spending/wasting another $2.00 tomorrow.