Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I did something yesterday that I hadn't done in a VERY LONG TIME.  I sat outside!  I know that might not sound that exciting, but it WAS!  To me, sitting outside is one of my great joys.  It calms and motivates me at the same time. Just being able to breath the fresh air helps me to focus more.  Sure I was outside all winter when I was feeding the animals, but that's not the same thing.  When the wind is whipping and the snow is blowing, ya just can't enjoy the outdoors.  So yesterday, I sat outside.  It was a little cool, a little windy, but hey, I wasn't freezing.  Today is suppose to be even better.  70 degrees!!!! Can I get a Woooo  Hooooo!!!???

I think I'll go on out there again today.  Although, with the weather being warmer(for today), I should be cleaning the yard, shoveling rabbit poop, shoveling goat poop, shoveling chicken poop.........  Na, I think I'll just go sit in the lounge chair again.  I mean, I have all summer to shovel.  :-)

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, enjoying the warm weather, (for now.)


Lisa said...

It was 45 degrees here in the Twin cities MN yesterday. It was heavenly! My deck has now been relieved of its burden of 2 feet of snow and I can actually sit on my deck chairs and listen to the birds. I cant wait to plant garden in a month or two!


Vera said...

Sitting outside is so soothing to the soul, and I always feel rested and empowered when I have taken time out to watch, see, and absorb. Good for you that you took time out. As you say, the work can wait!

Kellie from Indiana said...

I sat outside Tuesday as well. It was 50 degrees and felt like summer to me! Then I woke up yesterday morn with everything coated in 2" of ice with a topping of 4" of snow. I had to shovel as today is below freezing. Ugh.