Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fire, Bridge, and Baby Pictures

 It's that time of year. It's Fire Season. Since Hubby and I live on top of a hill, we can see smoke from many miles away, so we go and investigate.  This is the second fire that we "chased" so far this season.

You can't see it in these pictures, but the whole valley was on fire.  The ground is wet from the latest snow and rain, but the winds dried up the leaves that lay on top of the ground. One small spark can ignite them and cause all kinds of trouble. 

Luckily the fire department and the Forestry Department was there to put it out.

While Hubby and I were out and it was such a nice night, we drove around for a bit.  I wanted to get a few pictures of the bridge that goes over into Ohio.   The city is pretty at night. (from a distance.)

And since I'm putting pictures on here, here is a nice picture of my sister who had a baby on March 5.  This is my little niece.  I'm not gonna put her real name on here so I've got to come up with alias.  LOL

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, proud aunt


Kellie from Indiana said...

That is one heck of a bonfire! Hopefully nothing was lost or anyone injured. That bridge is scary to me. That one as well as the one from Indiana into Louisville. Have to close my eyes and hope hubby doesnt play games with me. He usually does. Eventually we went over them so much I can leave one eye open. Congratulations to your sister as well as to you for being an aunt. Wish I looked that bright and fresh after I had my son!

Sandy Livesay said...

Good to see the fire department took care of the fire. We have continuous fires here due to the drought and people not being smart. They throw their cigarettes out their car windows.

Beautiful bridge!!!

Congratulations to your sister and you, the baby is beautiful.

Vera said...

A fellow blogger in Australia posted up fire photos a while ago, and they were quite fearsome, as indeed yours are although it looks like no homes got burnt unlike the fire episode in Australia. Lovely photo of mum and baby. Long time ago I had babies. And thank goodness I am way past having any more!

small farm girl said...

Kellie, we just about HAVE to go over bridges to get anywhere. The only place close to get anything is in OH. I'm glad I'm not afraid of them. That would be hard.

Sandy, I'm glad we don't have the fires all the time. Just twice a year we usually have a few.

Vera,I'm glad we don't have those kind of fires here. Those would be scary!

Thanks everyone on the congratulations.

Henny Penny said...

That fire is so scary! I can't even imagine seeing that so close to our house! The pictures of the bridge are beautiful! Congratulations on your sister's new baby girl! She looks so sweet.