Sunday, July 7, 2013

Welcome To The Jungle

Remember back a few weeks when I was complaining about not getting any rain?  Well, I'm done complaining now.  We have had rain everyday for two weeks now and the weather men are saying its going to rain for another week.  Wow!!!  I, for one, love the rain. It keeps the temps down.  That is, until the sun comes out. Then it's like a jungle.  Which with all of the greenery going crazy, it kinda looks like it.  The grass need mowed, the garden needs weeded, and I do believe I need to get some scuba gear for the goats.  

All of this rain and heat has been tough on my goat herd. Poor things are not happy!!!!  We had a toad strangler just the other day.  I went out to check on them and they had a foot of water inside one of their goat huts.  The ground was so saturated that all of the water just runs off and it was funneling right into one of their huts.  Luckily, they have many huts to chose from, but the flooded one was their favorite.

We are also keeping an eye out for worms.  So far, I've had two of my does not doing so good.  One has diarrhea, the other has very white eye lids.(White eye lids is usually a sing of anemia, which is usually caused by worms.)  I'm doing everything! It's just not working.  It's times like this that I start to wonder if I should even have goats.  If something doesn't give soon, I'm gonna give up on owning goats.

I've been really down lately when it comes to our farm.  I feel like a failure.  Our fields are full of weeds, our garden is full of weeds(except the beans, which are non existent thanks to the rabbits.), and my animals are all miserable because of the rain and heat.  These kind of times makes you step back and rethink all the things you are doing.  Do I like my goats? Yes!  But, I'm throwing everything I know at them and nothing is working!!!! I'm wondering if they would do better with someone else.

 The things that need to be done I can't do by myself and Hubby has his list of things that need done too.  Plus, it's been raining so hard and when it's not raining it's so HOT, it's dangerous to get out there and work.  All we need is a few nice cool days and hopefully we will be able to get some things done.  I hope it's soon.  I don't know how much longer our farm can hold out.

I guess I'm just feeling a little down right now. Sorry for being such a downer on here. It's just how things are around a farm sometimes I guess.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, feeling a little down.


The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

Awww SFG there are so many good things to look forward to! We too were getting so down from all the rain we have been receiving, and just when we thought we would float away, the sun came out! Go sit outside in the sun for 20 minutes. Grab a pitcher of iced tea. Set your feet up. Take in big gulps of your fresh clean air you have there on YOUR beautiful farm, and just smile to yourself. This is your place, your farm. Items like you described can't be solved overnight. Most of it takes time and patience to see it through. Don't give up, you have a great thing going for you. Hugs - Jen.

small farm girl said...

Thanks Jen, I did just what you said. I sat in front of my house, propped my feet up on a bucket and drank me some sweet tea. It was just what I needed. THANKS!!!!