Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We Have Water!!!!! and Rambling

We have water!!!!!! Yay!!!!!! I wanted to let the water run in the sink for hours, just because I can. hehehehe.  But, now, I have to pay for it, so I didn't.  Oh well, I'm still happy that I have good water.  I've washed many loads of laundry on the same day!!! You don't realize how nice it is to have good water until you don't have it.

It took Hubby and his helpers (my dad and his dad) almost all weekend to put it in.  Hubby, at first, rented a Ditch Witch to dig the ditch where the water line went.  We figured that since this machine is made to dig ditches, it wouldn't take very long.  Wow, were we wrong! It took Hubby 2 1/2 hrs to did just 1/3 of the ditch.  Granted, the ditch was 275 ft from water meter to the house,  but we only rented the Ditch Witch for 8 hrs.  Going this slow, it wasn't going to get it.  Hubby was getting upset that it was taking this long.  So we ended up renting a small track hoe.  More money.  :(   But, on a good note, it only took Hubby 45 mins to dig the rest.  We should have paid the extra money first off and just got the track hoe.  At least we have water now.

Speaking of water, we have been getting a nice bit of rain around here.  The garden is going like crazy!!  The corn is doing great.  The tomatoes are growing nicely.  The cucumber plants are just now starting to produce cucumbers.  The beans.....well,......the beans are all gone.  We put up a fence to keep deer and Jack (our St. Bernard) out of the garden.  But, the fence does not keep out rabbits.  Those little buggers have destroyed our beans.  It's like a playground with snacks for them in there.  They know that Jack can't get in there and get to them, so I think they moved in.  I bet they even sit on the other side of the fence and taunt him.  "You can't get us!!!"  I bet they even stick out their little rabbit tongues at him.  I'm tempted to let him in there just to get even with them for eating my beans.  I hope they leave my beats and turnips alone when I plant them for fall. If not, we might be having rabbit stew REALLY soon.

In other news, I just found out today, that Phelan will be planning on moving here in 3 weeks.  3 WEEKS!!! Yay!!!  Let the mischief begin!! hehehe.  I'm actually gonna have stuff to write about on here.  I'm sure you guys are getting bored with the every day stuff.  I love to see people experience things for the first time.  Things that I've gotten use to.  It's like I'm seeing it for the first time again.  Makes me appreciate what I have.

Well, I guess that's enough for now.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, water lover.


Phelan said...

Awesome! Water! I am relived for you guys.

Are you sure you are ready for me? ~insert evil laugh here~

Phelan said...

Relieved. Sigh. It doesn't have the same enthusiasm when I can't spell.

small farm girl said...

Phelan, is anyone ever ready for you? lol.... Oh, and you can be relived if ya want. hehehehehe.

The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

Congrats on getting the water line in to the house! I bet you took the longest most satisfying shower that evening. :) Also sounds like rabbit stew might be on the menu soon. Good luck keeping those pesky cute little guys out.

Phelan said...

I think my husband has a manual called "what to Expect when you are expecting Phelan. " I'm sure he would let you borrow it.

Carolyn said...

Running water & flushing toilets are my most favorite modern conveniences. Glad you're "swimming" in good water now :)

As for the rabbits, I say stew 'em. Easy to field dress!

small farm girl said...

TKAiK....I'll invite you when it's on the menu! lol

Phelan... I will need to borrow that manual,please. lol

Carolyn, you will be invited too. lol

Robbyn said...

hooray for running water and running around like crazy women when Marcy gets there! "oh the places you'll go..." :-)

Peacemom said...

water is so precious! Especially when you don't have it. Can't wait to see your adventures with Phelan! ~Vonnie

ozzibeth said...

Hi small farm girl,
I too know the wondermeant of getting the waterline to the house. Just makes everything so much easier. I have just found your blog and am reading with interest. We are on a small property in NSW Australia and you can see our story at....Our Aussie off grid heaven....
Hope to see you there sometime. Good luck with life's big adventures.
Jane from Australia.