Sunday, February 14, 2010


If you have been reading my blog lately, you have noticed that I haven't had any pictures on here. Well, I've misplaced my camera. Hubby says I lost it. No, I have misplaced it. I know it is around here somewhere. I hope though, that it's not outside somewhere under the snow. I could have easily set it down outside so that I could do something and just forgot it. It's driving me crazy! I believe my mind is gone. Or did I misplace that too.

Anyways, last week me and hubby went to meet a fellow blogger Catherine. Her blog is Kentucky Hollows. I'm still not sure about the link thing. I'll get there. But for now, you can find her in the list of blogs that I follow. She was kind enough to give me a fiddle. Yes, GIVE me a fiddle. And they say there are no more nice people in this world. Ha! While we were there she was so worried about our how her house looked. To me, it just looked like work in progress. It has so much potential. She was exactly like she is in her blog. So friendly! Her girls are so beautiful and full of life. (As was her Lab. lol) But what surprised me was, she was doing all of this gardening and homesteading on just a small piece of flat land. Now, my comment on her place being small is all relative. We have 50 acres of almost flat land. She has a lot of land, but there is more hill than flat. The Appalachians are like that. I was impressed with what she did with what she had. It was awesome.

It got me to thinking, not all people have the good luck of inheriting a farm. If Hubby hadn't, would I still be trying to live like I am. Or, would I be like everybody else, worrying about how big our screen was on our tv? Do I want to live a sustainable lifestyle because of WERE I live? Now that Catherine of Kentucky Hollows has shown me what can be done on a smaller piece of property, it makes me want to utilize our land better. Bigger garden, more live stock(pigs, milk cow, maybe some wool animals),fruit trees, maybe even something more that I haven't thought of yet.hehehhe.

But, then again, I might just misplace them too. lol

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, misplacer


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new fiddle.

Unknown said...

Hope you find that camera soon, I want to see a picture of your new fiddle. Have you looked at the website for the Dervais family in Pasadena Ca.? What they do in a normal suburban neighborhood is simply amazing. You can find a video about them on Youtube.
They have a website called Path to
if you have not seen you will enjoy it. The videos about them are pretty darn inspirational though. I look forward to seeing how you expand your family farm.

TnTConnect said...

Sorry to hear about the misplaced camera (it took me 3 months to find mine).

small farm girl said...

Thanks guys! Yes, I'm still looking for the camera.
Laura, I'll have to look into that family. Sounds interesting.

Denise said...

Your camera is on vacation! Apparently you have used her too much and she just needed a break. She'll come around when she is looking tan and fit, you'll see ;) I live in a subdivision and we have a lot of things planted in the backyard and are getting chickens soon. See it doesnt matter how big your property is when you have barnheart...see Cold Antler Farm blog.

Melodie said...

Kentucky Hollows is one of the first blogs I started reading when I started blogging! They are doing a lot of things similar to us,redoing and old farm house,trying to get a farm started...We blame all our mysterious losses on an imaginary ghost! We just say that the ghost must be playing tricks on us again after all we would never loose anything!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you misplaced your camera. That would put me in panic mode. How wonderful and sweet that Kentucky Hollows gave you a fiddle! wow! how nice is THAT!! I love to listen to folks fiddle. We need to get together so I can get this vanity out of the back of my van. But It's snowing again today...drat. If your off sometime this week and it's not too snowy, lets try and meet someplace. Have a good day!!...debbie

jane augenstein said...

Oh, my you can't find your camera! I would be going nuts, I try to be very careful with mine so far I have never had that problem! Knock on wood!
You have a fiddle, do you play or are you going to take lessons? I can't play any instrument, I have a dulcimer but don't know how to play it. It just sits in the corner of the living room looking pretty! LOL
I have your name in the drawing....Good Luck!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Gah!!! I'd feel sick if I misplaced my camera. My previous camera was stolen over a year ago up in Santa Fe and I was so upset for a long time! It's like losing a limb or something. I hope you can find it and it's not outside.

We only have 3 acres here and the soil is very rocky and dry. Our growing season is very short: June-September, so plants have to grow quick and be hardy. We do have several very productive fruit trees, though. Last Spring I even made a couple hundred dollars from selling peaches and apples. I also have the chickens and when they're laying reliably, I can sell a few dozen eggs every week, and still have plenty left for our family.
We have our wool producing critters, but I've not done as good a job with them. I had them all sheared last summer, and washed and carded all of the wool, but I've not sat down and spun it into yarn yet. My spinning is still in it's rustic beginning stages. And I'm too much of a perfectionist. hehe!

Congrats on the fiddle. I can't wait to hear you play it!


Aunt Krissy said...

Hi, I don't post very often but I was catching up on your blog ( I'm back in school, lots of homework) and on the post about what to eat/weight loss. Check out a blog called
She has all kinds of recipies that use local, fresh stuff. Roasted burssel sprouts? Yummy!

Anonymous said...

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