Monday, February 8, 2010

I don't want anymore snow! Waaaaaa!(Now imagine me with my head tilted back with mouth open wide, tears running down my face.) We got 5 to 6 inches this weekend. I know, it's not the 2 ft that they had in DC, or the 13 to 18 inches that other people have gotten, but, dang it, I'm tired of snow! They are predicting snow all week. Now they are adding cold temps and wind. Enough already! I think I'm going crazy here!

I think I'm just torturing myself though. I keep looking at seed catalogs and wondering what kind of new things I'm going to plant this year. One thing I'm going to plant that I have never planted are peas. I like peas. Hubby doesn't.(He'll get over it.) I thought about planting butternut squash. I love butternut squash soup. Hubby doesn't.(Once again, he'll get over it.) I'm going to plant zucchini and summer squash again this year. I didn't get enough last year. I cut it up into little slices and freeze it for later in the winter.(WAAAAA winter!)

I'm also reading the book the book Animal,Vegetable,Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver.(More tortur) If you haven't read it, you need to go out(that's if you can get out of your driveway.) and get it. It is so good. It tells about a family who is trying to eat locally for one whole year. It will open your eyes to how the food business is run. Plus it will make you want to get out in your garden. (But ooooohhhh no, we have snoooooowwww!)

This winter(if you couldn't already tell) is getting on my nerves. Normally I like winter. You don't have to worry about sweating. You don't have to worry about being hot. You don't have to worry about looking like a freak if you put on shorts. There are no mosquitoes in the winter. But this year, I would take a dozen mosquitoe bites while looking freaky in my shorts, just to be able to sit out in the sun, watching my garden grow. I can't wait!!!!!!!!

Now remind me of this little rant when I'm complaining about how busy and hot I am in the summer. lol

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, winter hater(for now)


Kelle at The Never Done Farm said...

Okay I feel like a trooper, I haven't whined one time about winter but having said this where's the cheese? LOL! it isn't that we've had a bad winter, it's actually been very mild. It's the fact that I WANT TO DIG IN THE DIRT, okay now I've shared my addiction, it's the smell of freshly dug soil*wink* Second addiction I somewhat get a handle on when we start our seeds; I LIKE TO WATCH THINGS GROW! and my third addiction will also soon be releived the middle of April, when our chicks arrive and again the end of April when Addy(our Dexter) calves and we again have raw milk! YEAH!!!!

Hang in there SFG, we feel your pain!

granny said...

I cant imagine what it would be like not being able to garden all year round!I love winter,but ours are not as cold as yours of course,and we dont have to deal with being house-bound for days on end.
Where I am our summer is hot,wet and humid (yuck) and Winter is cold and dry.Winter day time temps around 20c-23c.Thats about 68f-70f.Nights can get down to single figures,and our coldest morning last year was -4c (24f)
Autumn is only afew weeks away for us,and I cant wait :0)
Hang in there,you'll be out digging and sweating in the garden before you know it :0)

duckidaho said...

You didn't have ENOUGH Zuchini? We were giving it away, feeding it to the chickens, leaving it on doorsteps... I was just having a break down morning over the whole February concept this morning. It's not that we've had a bad winter, quite the contrary we've had almost no snow. But I'm sick of clouds. Fog, clouds, ice-fog, black ice, dampness. Usually we have two feet of snow, this year it's 40 and misting.

BTW, I love Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Great book.

simply_complicated said...

i concur and agree that there's too much winter... i think i'm in a more northern climate though... i live where -15C is warm for winter. and the snow lasts until april, at least!

Making do with indoor window boxes... for now

V.L. Locey said...

I`m with you SFG all the way! Spring can come along any day now!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

It's still snowing here, right on top of the foot on the ground left over from our last snow storm. Like you I usually enjoy snow, too. But this is crazy! We just can't get a break and I've not seen dirt or grass in almost 3 weeks!
Going to the barn is like walking through almost dry cement. Impossible to walk!

But Spring doesn't come up here until late May! And then it only lasts a week or two and then it's summer. Thankfully our summers are always cool and comfortable, so I suppose it's a trade-off for the winter. But this winter is not typical at all!

Hang in there and don't torture yourself with those seed catalogs. lol!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

PS I tagged you! Come over and participate....or else! lol!

Vickie said...

Hey SFG - just stopped over to say hi. I was reading this post about what to plant this year. Peas - what kind? We LOVE black eyes and Purple Hulls here in Texas. Purple hulls are the best, and they're easy to grow here. I bet you can grown them well lin Kentucky, too. The Yanks used to grown them to feed their livestock, but they just didn't know what they were missing. Cook some peas with salt, pepper, a little onion, and some bacon grease - YUM. A big slice of homemade cornbread and you'll think, "if the good Lord made anything that tasted any better, then He must have kept it for Himself" (like my Nanny always used to say...) Ok there's my 2 cents worth on your garden this year! Come see me sometime!