Sunday, September 13, 2009

A few people wanted to see our new house we are building(and when I say we, I mean my Hubby). Well, here is one side. We don't know if we should call this the front because this is the side of our driveway. This is going to be where everyone enters.

Here's a side view(kinda). We plan on building a celler there one day. It's going to be to the right of the house. Just put it on the list.

This is the side that points to the road. (If you can see it around the horse and trees).Sorry it's so fuzzy. I was on the back of a four wheeler when I took it.

Yesterday me and Hubby went to a local festival. I just love festivals. I would rather go to a festival than a fair anyday. I don't know if it's the actual festival verses fair thing, or if it's a fall verses summer thing. Festivals remind me of fall, and pumpkins, and frosty mornings. Oh, it can't get much better.

Now on to another subject:

There is something me and Hubby are trying to do now. We are going to try and eat locally. First, we want to NOT go to the grocery store so often. We would go at least once a week, spend close to a hundred dollars, and still not have anything good to eat at home.We also went OUT to eat a lot. (could explain the weight problem lol.) Eating locally HAS to be better for you. The food has to be fresher and therefore better for you. And when I say locally, I don't mean a local restarant. lol. We are going to grow a lot of our food. What we can't grow we are going to try and get locally. What we can't get locally, I guess we will try to do without.

I have been looking into genetically modified foods. SCARY!!!!! It makes a person not want to eat ANYTHING! Once again, another reason to raise your own foods. If you haven't looked into these foods, please do so. The more people know about them, the better off we will be.

I didn't want this to be a preachy post, but, I have just started getting info about this myself lately. I have never heard about all of these things, but it now makes me think more about my food. I guess that's a good thing.

So for now.....

Small Farm Girl,local eater.


Faith said...

I'm shocked. You have a problem with glow-in-the-dark carrots with potato eyes? But they invented them so you could see trippple well!

Yeah, it's kind of scary what they are doing. I really don't like the glowing puppies and such. Playing with genetics, is a bit on the weird side.

Your house looks great! I love that you are planning for a cellar. :)


granny said...

Love the new house! I bet you cant wait to move in.How many acres do you have there? Its going to be fun planning all new gardens :0)I envy your Amish adventure! I have always been interested in them,read and watch all I can about them..I think their way of life is the way life should be.If I ever get back to the States...thats one of th places Id love to visit.
Take care,Granny.

Beck's Country Living said...

Love the new house. I hope you get to move in soon.Thank you for youre post on my blog and when I win the lottery I willget to stay home and be a old farm lady.

R Dean said...

SFG, congrats..nice little homestead! Looks like you guys will be VERY happy and your horse looks happy too!! Thanks for sharing the pics...

R Dean