Monday, March 2, 2015

The First Farm Outing

We have come up with names for the puppies.  The black one is named Holley.  The blue merle is called Chassis.  Can ya tell I live with a gear head.  He just had to name them after car part. lol.  They know their names already.  I can call one and it come to me.  I can call the other and then she will come to me.  Unless they are outside.  Holley LOVES to be outside and doesn't want to come back in.  Chassis, well she likes it for a little while, but she's ready to come in a lot faster than Holley.  Of course, it's still cold and snowy outside.  I just know she will love it when it gets warmer.
We ALL will........ 

So far the puppies have very distinct personalities.  Holley is more independent.  She will go and do her own thing.  Chassis is more a people puppy.  She wants to be with people all the time.  She wants to please you as best as she can.  Holley, well........... she's a whole other story.  I should have called her Miss Independent. 

In this picture, Hubby was trying to get the puppies to come back into the house.  As you can see, Chassis was all for it.  Holley, not so much. HA!

They loved their first big outing at the farm. They explored.

They ran and played.

They became mighty hunters.

Fun was had by all.  

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, puppy wrangler


Carolyn said...

Puppies!!!! Almost as cute as kitties :) (sorry, but you know I'm a cat person, hehe!)

small farm girl said...

Carolyn, don't worry, I think I'm a cat person too. But, dogs are a close second.

Sandy Livesay said...


They're adorable!!!
And will keep busy for you working on the farm.

Felinae said...

They are so cute!

Kind of makes sense, since the carburetor helps with the cars get up and go that Holley would be more independent. The chassis is what supports everything else, which would explain Chassis being more of a people person, she's there to offer support.

Sometimes my mind works in strange ways. Lol


Vera said...

Lovely puppies! We have two rottweiller girls, and Maz is the one who tends to be aloof and Blue is the one who loves lots of fuss. They are two years old now, but still mess around as if they were puppies, which is the bonus of having two dogs of the same age as each other.

Cat Eye Cottage said...

They are really cute, especially the black and white one.