Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It Wasn't A Pretty Sight

I have been feeling, well, not so fit lately.  Of course when you are my size that's not uncommon.  So, I thought I would do something about it and try to be more flexible.  I was going to try yoga.......I've been telling myself for years that yoga would help me get stronger and have more flexibility.  So I decided that today was the day.  No more excuses.

So I got my yoga pants on. (Oh who am I kidding?  I already had them on. lol)  I looked on Youtube for "yoga for beginners" videos.  I found quite a few of them.  Good!  I would have many to choose from.  As I was looking through them, I noticed one for beginners and weight loss.  Great!!!  Two birds with one stone!

I clicked on it to see what it was like.  A cheery, squeaky voiced, tooth pick of a girl was trying to tell me to sit like she was and if I couldn't I should use a blanket.  Of course she said she didn't need it so she wasn't going to use it.  I made it through 3 minutes with the squeaky cheerleader and had to change videos.

The next one I watched I thought I could handle.  So I got on the floor (concrete floor. I didn't have a yoga mat yet.) with my blanket and tried to do what she was doing.  Inhale....exhale.....  I can do this.  Now bring your legs in and sit cross legged.  When I was young, we called that Indian style. Well, I did the best I could, even with a blanket tucked under my bum.  Raise your arms over your head slowly.  Inhale....exhale.....  Reach for the sky.  Yep, still can do it.

Then she said to get up on all fours.  With bad knees and a concrete floor, it wasn't too comfortable, but I did it.  She said to arch your back like a cat, then do the opposite and bring your belly down towards the floor.  I wasn't real good at this, but I did it.  I think the concrete and the knees had something to do with this.

Next move she said to do what is called the downward dog.  Place you feet on the floor while your hands were still on the floor and push your bum up into the air making an A out of your body.  I did.  All of this time, she is telling me to inhale..... and exhale....  Well, what this little stick figure of a woman didn't understand, is that big breasted women CAN'T inhale and exhale in this position.  I was being smothered!  Blood was rushing to my head and my face was turning red.  All the time I was hearing this little voice in the background, "Inhale......Exhale...." .   Surely this woman has never had big boobs! I was about to pass out!

After about another minute of this misery, I gave up and watched a cat video.  There. That made me fill better.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, Master Yoga pants wearer.


Felinae said...

I love the way you word things, the imagery is perfect.

When I was going to the holistic school, we had to do you Yoga. I can't do the floor exercises either. I would do the standing moves/formations whatever they call them, I don't remember. Lol

I just walk around the block now and do some leg lifts and side bends, push ups against my counter, that type of thing, it is not much, but a little bit at a time is better than nothing, at least that's what my daughter told me. Lol

You know what I really liked while I was going to the school was TaiChi, it's really calming, relaxing and not hard on the joints.


Carolyn said...

I agree with Felinea, Tai Chia is better. I used to do Yoga...then got too much "extra" hanging around my midesection (and lower section, and uupper section), and there is phycically NO way to do some of those moves without having liposuction done on my body.

Good luck finding something that's better suited to your body!

Quail bridge farm said...

Like your blog. Yoga is really good but I think you need a teacher at the beginning, which is unfortunately expensive. Makes me sad, though that there is such an industry selling exercise as the way to lose weight. Unfortunately, the only thing that I know that works is calorie restriction. And actually if you cut out most carbs it isn't really that hard. You can even have bread, just go for sourdough. And potatoes, use red potatoes. Both of these have lower carbs, and carbs restriction is the secret. Also, unfortunately, this mean potato chips which I love, and therefore do not buy and bring i to the house. Good luck!

Michaele said...

I guess boobs really could make yoga tough. Little did I know of course.

The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

HAHAHA! You're so funny to read. Ah yes, that good old downward dog. I've been (trying) to do Yoga now for two years, and I still have issues with that pesky downward dog. But hey! You've aced the pants!!

I'll agree with the Tai Chia comments as well. If anything it will help with relaxing. My husband tries to do a video of it every so often. If they aren't on the internet, they are usually free from the library for a week or more!

Though, trying to keep up with your two pups and walking them around the farm might be all that you need to do with the weather warming up! Hope you find something you enjoy!