Monday, October 21, 2013

Bye Bye Bunnies

I sold 4 of my main breeding stock of rabbits today.  I've given them plenty of chances to have many babies.  They would only give me around 3 a piece each time they were bred.  So as much as I liked them, it was time to say bye bye.

My plan is to get more though.  I can't go without having ANY rabbits.  I know a breeder who I'm going to buy some more off of.  He has around 200 rabbits, young and old.  Plus he has many different types.  I just might have to get a few different ones. I'm not real sure yet. I am going to get two or three breeding rabbits.  I know for sure I'm going to get some New Zealands.  They are all white.  Not sure about getting Californias right now.  They are the ones with the dark ears.  I like them, but it all depends on how much money I have.  Plus, it also depends on my cage space.

 I did keep two Champagne D' Arnets.  They're these cute grey ones.  They're born black and turn this color as they get older.  These are REALLY good meat rabbits.  They have many babies and they are good mothers.  So now I have to find a breeding male.  Ya, wish me luck with that.  They're kind of hard to find.  If I can't find a buck, I'll just breed them to the New Zealand buck until I do find one.  It doesn't matter what color their fur is when they are in the roaster. hehehe

So that's what I've got to look forward to in the near future.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl,  rabbit seller and soon to be rabbit buyer.


Sandy Livesay said...

Small Farm Girl,

Rabbit seller, buyer, and baby producer :-)

I hope you find a male!!

Donna. W said...

I used to have pretty good luck with the New Zealands.

small farm girl said...

Thanks Sandy, I do too. I'm gonna have to look for a while.

Donna, I use to have good luck with the New Zealands also. This summer was horrible for mine. The male died and I don't know why. The doe got sore hocks and ended up with mites. Yes, I could have fixed it, but it would have cost me more to do so than what a new rabbit would cost.

Willow said...

I remember my rabbit breeding days.
We raised Angora rabbits , they weren't for meat they were for spinning ( which I never learned lol) I did enjoy raising , selling their offspring to spinners and showing them at the fairs though. A lot of work keeping Angora rabbits groomed !

jules said...

The one good thing I have found about the NZ breed is that they are all white and easy to dispatch. If they all look alike, then it's easier to put them in the freezer than the cute little bunnies that we get from our mutt rabbits, and the white fur is not as noticeable as the black fur of some of our other rabbits buns. Sometimes we'll pull one out of the freezer and say 'hey, this must have been a black bunny!" lol

We have a breeding pair of Champagne D'Argents as well. They are only 6 months old, but we're looking forward to seeing what kind of babies they make and if Doodle is a good momma. We got ours from a guy in IL that sells quite a few of his around the country.

Good luck with your new batch!