Monday, June 10, 2013


These last few days that Phelan has been here has been a blast! We have talked and talked and well,.....schemed. hehehehe.  We have found out we are WAY too much a like. And, both of our husbands get along like they have known each other for years.  It's nice having someone like that live close to you. Me and Phelan have informed her husband that we will be needing a big porch put on their cabin before long so that we can sit and rock back and forth in our rocking chairs. LOL. Oh the things we will be concocting!!!! Be afraid! Be very afraid!!!!!

Today Dad and Mom got to meet her for the first time. They thought that she was very nice and talked to her for a while. Of course Dad had to tell her a few of his jokes. LOL! He"s turned into an overnight comedian. (Thanks Duck Dynasty!)

The reason Dad came over was to help me tell what sex our young rabbits were. I couldn't tell. They all looked the same to me.  I thought maybe I was looking at them wrong. Nope, I wasn't. They were all does. Now I get to sell some. I've had quite a few people interested in the meat, but I've had a lot of people want them for breeding rabbits. I guess I'm gonna have to breed more does!

Hubby had to kill the new baby bunny. While we were looking at them, we found out that the ONE rabbit that one of my California does had, had something wrong with it. It looked like the mom rabbit has squashed it. All of the baby's legs were spread out. It moved around like a walrus.  I wasn't going to sell it like that so we had to put it out of it's misery. Too bad. Well, that is part of having animals. You take the good with the bad.  I think I'm going to sell the mom too. This is her second litter since she has been with me and she has only had one rabbit each time. The first time she even gave birth outside her nest.  She's not a keeper. At least, not for me.  Maybe someone else will have better luck with her.

In the last few days, I've had a few people ask about if I had any veggies for sale.  Not yet. We got a late start on our garden and then when we got it in the ground we didn't have any rain.  This week we got a good inch!  I told Phelan that she brought it with her.  Thanks!!!! Hopefully we will have extras now and I can sell some. Always nice to have a little extra money.

Well, time to go and see what else I can get into today.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl,........I got nothing.


Felinae said...

I am glad you and Phelan are having such a great time.

Sorry about your little bunny.

Carolyn said...

You got does! Wish I were that lucky with the goat kids this year. Oh well, there's always NEXT year, right? :)

jules said...

Maybe it was splay leg? We've been fortunate that none of our rabbits have had any trouble, but that sounds like what it might be.

Sorry about the bunny.

Candy C. said...

Sorry about the baby bunny and it sure sounds like the momma rabbit needs to go.
I'm glad you have a great neighbor to talk to and get into mischief with! I would love to have someone to visit with out here. (sigh)

small farm girl said...

Felinae, It IS nice!!!!

jules, it's a possibility! I'll have to check it out!

Candy C. I agree! The Momma has to go! And yes, we will be getting into mischief. hehehehe

thecrazysheeplady said...

Uh oh. Your poor husbands ;-).

Katidids said...

I agree with Sheep Lady, your husbands are in for it! I see a project list a mile (or 2)long. What one doesn't think of the other will LOL! Enjoy!

small farm girl said...

TCSL, I KNOW!!!!! hehehehehe

Katidids, that will probably be how it is. Those poor boys! lol