Sunday, February 3, 2013

My Warm Bed, Oh How I Love Thee.

Still. No. Baby. Goats.  I actually think that's okay. I'm hoping momma waits until it's a little warmer. More like this coming week. It's suppose to be in the 40's and 50's. Bring it on!!!!!! I still get up twice a night and go out and check on her to see if everything is alright. It's got to the point now where the goats don't even come over to the fence to see if I have brought them anything to eat. Now it's more like,"Oh, it's just you again."

Like last night, I went out around 4:30 after getting to bed at 1:00. I craw out of my VERY warm bed, put on my VERY cold pants and house coat, and get bundled up to go outside to the VERY cold night air. Did I mention that it was VERY COLD! I pull on Hubby's Muck Boots(by the way, they are my favorite boots in the world!!!! I didn't even have socks on and my feet stayed toasty.) and headed out to check on the goats.

I take small baby steps down the hill so that I don't fall and break something. There ain't no way Hubby would wake up from a dead sleep even if I was to shoot a cannon through the side of the house. The man sleeps like the dead. (Trust me, I've checked on him to make sure that he wasn't dead a few times.) I make it to the goat pen in one piece, although it was a cold piece, it was one piece. I shown my handy, dandy flashlight around to check on everyone. All was fine. They kind of looked at me like,"Quit shining that thing in my eyes, Crazy Woman!"  No respect.

I finally make it back into the house after dodging a 150 lbs St. Bernard pup that thinks I'm out there just to play with him. That's hard to do folks! Just don't make eye contact. I give him some fresh water and a bit of feed  just because I'm nice that way, and go back inside.  I put some wood in the stove so that it doesn't go out before morning, go to the bathroom, and then get all excited because I'm about ready to get back into an electric blanket warmed bed. I take off my house slippers and my house coat and sit on the side of the bed. I sigh, because I know just how wonderful this is going to feel on my frozen body. I move the cat, lift up the blankets and then swing my feet in under the covers. Aaaahhhhhhhhh. Bliss. I arrange all the blankets just right, can't have any of them longer than the others. I know OCD, I just can't stand it when one blanket isn't as long as the other. Then I bring them up to my ears and snuggle down into the most wonderful feeling ever!

I'm just about to doze off when I hear this little whine coming from the bedroom doorway. Skeeter has to go outside. AUGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!! I toss back the wonder blanket and get back on my now VERY cold house coat and my VERY cold slippers and follow her to the door. She just HAS to go out!  I open the door and she looks at me like,"Do I really have to go out there?" I shove her out the door with my foot.

She piddles around out there for a few minutes and does her deeds. She goes and looks to see if there is any food left in Jack's feed bowl. Finally she comes back in. All this time I'm shivering by the door just wanting to go back to sleep. Finally! I go back to bed, move the cat, make sure the covers haven't moved, and then I snuggle down into them again.

And them I feel it. The cat jumps back on the bed, walks up my legs, gets up to my shoulders, and decides that's where he going to sleep. So he starts needing my back. Now I don't really mind this, but when it goes on for at least ten minutes! Give it up all ready cat!!!! Finally it lays down to go to sleep. That's when I realize........... I have to go to the bathroom AGAIN.........

I finally DID get to sleep some last night. But, I can tell you, I didn't want to get up this morning.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, bed lover.


Carolyn said...

Charlie, the new puppy, senses when you've just gotten comfortable and warmed up in bed...then sees it as a perfect time to start whimpering to go outside. And same thing here; too cold so he doesn't want to go out, but needs to go out, so I have to shove his butt out the door, freezing my bum off in the process.

sista said...

I wont say it wont happen but in my experience goats wait until daylight to kid. Mine always waited until the afternoon and if you look at their butts there is indication their that kidding is eminent. So relax already.

Valerie said...

Oh my gosh, are we twins? 4 dogs, each having to go out at slightly different times. And cold, so cold. Just as the blankies heat up . . .

Anonymous said...

lol, part of puppy training 101 is teaching them that there are certain times to go out and do their business..for mine, it is around 5-6am, 11-12n, 4-5pm, and 8-9pm which correlates with playtime and meal times as well.if you are afraid they will make a mess in the house then put them in their crates for the night after they have had their last visit outdoors. the crates should be considered their "rooms" with a bed, and how many animals do you know that are gonna mess up their own space/bed area?

small farm girl said...

Carolyn, I'm right there with ya.

Sista, our goats have a habit of having their babies at night. I think they do it on purpose. lol

Valerie, don't even get me started. lol

Anon, We usually don't have problems with her. She is 13yrs. I figured I should take her out.

thecrazysheeplady said...

OMG I have totally thought that about falling on my way to the barn. Tim wouldn't wake up and. Office I was gone until his alarm went off. Several times!

Candy C. said...

I love the part about the blankets, are we related?!? LOL!!
My cat just comes up by my head and meows because he wants me to pick up the covers so he can crawl in. :)

small farm girl said...

TCSL, I'm glad I'm not the only one. *shaking my head*

Candy C. My cat doesn't like under the covers. Of course it could be where we have trapped him under them before. :D