Monday, February 11, 2013

Monday Ramble

The weather is so nice today! Although a little windy, I'll take that if we can keep the 60 degrees. I'm starting to get a little antsy about wanting warmer weather. These warm days are just teasing me. This weekend they are talking about it being back down in the 20's for highs. Brrrrr! I'm glad the new babies were born last week while it was warm. See, Mother Nature knows what she's doing. 

This past weekend we went and trimmed goat hooves at our friends house. I came away smelling like a buck goat. If you haven't smelled a stinky buck, you are lucky. I don't know which is worse, skunk or buck. They run a close race in my opinion. Lucky me, I got to ride the whole 45 mins back home trying to hold my breath. I hope I didn't make our new truck stink. LOL.

Speaking of stinking, you sure can tell Spring is just around the corner. Every night I have been woke up with the smell of skunk. I figure I have one living around here somewhere. They are doing their spring courting. Although this morning Jack was the one smelling like a skunk. Peeeeeeeeeewwwww!!! Nothing like a skunk smelling dog that loves to rub up against you. 

Tonight when Hubby comes home from work, we are going to a friends house and pick up some chickens. No fancy ones, just something that lays eggs. After Jack killed some of my other hens, I think the ones that are left are on strike. lol. I'm getting one egg a day. That's if I'm lucky! Hopefully these new ones will lay something. I don't want to buy those white things at the store that they try to pass off as eggs. Yuck! But, I'm getting desperate! 

Well, I need to go out and check on all of the babies.(That's code for playing with them. :o)  )

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, baby checker.


Peacemom said...

oh my heavens, look at the cuteness on your farm! Wonderful! I'm so ready for spring myself. We ended up with about 30" of snow from that last storm and I'm already so tired of shoveling it. BUT,I did hear lots of song birds while I was shoveling, so spring will be springing sooner then later, and for that, I'm thankful. ~Vonnie

Candy C. said...

Stinky buck is NOT a good thing! I hope the new chickens work out for you and that rascal Jack leaves them alone!