Monday, March 1, 2010

What The Crap?!

Have you ever had to clean a chicken coop out that hasn't been cleaned in almost a full year? Yuck! That stuff was so thick in there. I haven't cleaned half of it and it took 3 big wheel barrels full just to do that. Whew! The shoveling didn't bother me any.(I can't vouch on how sore I'll be tomorrow though.) What bothered me was trying to push the wheel barrel in all of the mud. It wouldn't go! I could push it 4 feet and then it would stop. I would back up, get a run at it, and then it would go another 4 feet and then stop. The mud was so deep! Well, it started to get dark on me anyway, so I stopped for the night. I know those girls will be happy to be able to walk on at least half of a clean coop. I'll finish some more later. Maybe when the ground dries up some.(Yea right)

Right now I'm waiting on Hubby to get back from the neighbors. He has been helping them put on a roof. After he gets back, we are suppose to go down to his Dad's house so that I can teach his step-mom how to start her own blog. She said she was looking for something to do. I suggested she start a blog. As soon as I figure out what she is going to call it, I'll let you guys know.

Speaking of blogs, have you ever looked at all the different blogs. Millions and millions. But, have you noticed how many people don't post on them anymore? In my little town of South Shore, the population is 1200. I just wanted to see how many people had blogs. 26. Now how many people still posted? One,me. Some were kids that was doing an English project,(Great idea!)quit when the project was over. Some people started blogs so that they could post pictures for relatives that were far away,but haven't posted for over a year. It got me to thinking. Why do we blog? Me, I love being able to be in contact with people all over the world.(Hi Granny from Granny's Garden in Australia!) I love the friendships that were made because of blogs. I feel like we are all a little family. When someone is grieving over a lost loved one or a pet that has died, we all grieve. When something funny happens, we all laugh together. If I haven't said this before, you guys are awesome!!!! So tell me, why do you blog?

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, blogger


Kathryn said...

Yes, i've noticed that. I just cleared my blog reader of about 20 that i found interesting but the folks no longer post. I wonder if some of them start a blog & find that they just "aren't writers," & so don't keep it up. One that doesn't post much any more was originally a "follow my weight loss with South Beach Diet" blog. It was very interesting & they (husband & wife) posted about twice a week. But then they met their weight goals. They've posted a few more times, but i guess they've other things in their lives.

I kept a diary or journal for many years of my life. Some of it was private, but some was just every day things. Sometimes i wanted to share it but didn't know how to do that.

I write because part of me has to. Think it is in my blood, or something. Blogs are fun because they can be more creative than journals. Well, i used to use pics in my journals, too, but blogs have so many options.

I also find that blog readers are a different breed. I guess some of us are just interested in people. Almost no one i know reads blogs. Almost no one i know personally reads my blog. But i've found it just as well, in some ways. I had an issue with someone locally about a month back. I WANTED to blog about it, i was so frustrated! But her BF reads my blog & i thought things could get ugly . . . so i had to stifle. Think it is better when i can write without having to repress myself too much.

Donna. W said...

I love to blog. Even if my readership was only my family, I'd still go on. I blog so somebody knows I'm here. I stifle a lot of things about my neighbors, and I don't always say what's on my mind about my grown children.

Aunt Krissy said...

I started to blog because I moved from AK to WI and it was a way friends/family could see what was going on. Now I blog because I like to. I like the people that I have met in the blog world. I sometimes want a blog that nobody that knows me know about that blog so I can rant about some things. But 1 blog is enough to keep up with.

Tonia said...

Eeeewww on the chicken house stuff been there and done that...
I blog because I have done it for years now!lol I wasnt always on blogger.. I started on Yahoo 360.. then it shut down.. I have made friends with people from all over... Its my way of staying connected.. Making me feel like I am not the only crazy in the world!Lol
I like posting pics and writing even though I am not particularly talented.... Its all fun for me.. Also a way to get some of those feelings out.. I am just shocked so many people would be interested in what I post!!LOL

Melodie said...

I hate finding a really interesting new blog then noticing the last post was a year ago! I started blogging so my in laws could see our lives here on the farm since, because of the farm, we can not travel as much to see them.Then I got to meeting so many different people ,I got addicted to it!

dp said...

What are you doing with all the good stuff you took out of that chicken house? Mix that with some old hay or straw or leaves and compost it for feeding your garden plants -- chicken manure is high in nitrogen.

I blog because I want to share with others what I'm doing and how so that they can learn from it and to give others an opportunity to teach me something.

Chris said...

But the garden loves it.

small farm girl said...

Thanks for the comments guys! I will be putting the chicken poop on the garden, but right now if I did, I would sink up to my eyeballs in mudd. lol

granny said...

Hi sfg !!
Really..a year??? good lord that would have been a mess,lol!Might be a job to do in Spring,and not in the mud :0)but I did get a good laugh reading about the attempt,lol.
My niece started my love of blogging,never heard of it before she showed me hers,then I was hooked!
I find it strange that anyone would be the slightest bit interested in my day to day life..but they are.And I love catching up with all the blogging friends I have from all over the globe too.I get plenty of ideas and recipes.And of course love all the snow photos !!!
Watching the happenings in their gardens as the seasons change is great.Which reminds me...have you got the seeds sorted out for your new and bigger vegie gardens??
Granny :0)

small farm girl said...

No Granny I don't have all of my seeds yet. But, I just have to go 5 minutes down the road to a farm store to get my bean and corn seeds. We buy them in bulk. The plants that need to be started earlier are started by a friend of ours that owns a greenhouse. Talk about discounts!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Chicken poop sure is nasty! My coop needs cleaning, too. With all our snow they spend more time inside filling it with poop. I can't wait until summer when spend all day outside.

I've been piling the chicken manure all around our fruit trees like I did the previous year. I'm hoping that this will help us get a huge harvest like last year, too.

I blog for many of the same reasons you do. I also enjoy taking photos, and love it when I get comments from others if they like the photos or not and why.
I just realized the other day that I've been blogging for over 4 years. gah!


thecrazysheeplady said...

Lay some boards out and roll your wheel barrow on them :-).

I think I mostly blog to keep a picture journal of things here for when I'm old and in a nursing home I'll be able to look back and maybe remember - senility runs in my family :-(.

R Dean said...

SFG, I'm looking forward to just being able to see the mud after all the snow starts to thaw...Hopefully I can relate to chicken poop next year, trying to get a coop built this year!

R Dean

Mage said...

Mother took care of the chicken coop when I was a kid. As soon as I could, I ran away and joined the army. I've been a big city girl ever and old lady city girl. :)

Yup, I have a long blog roll on two blogs, and I still read them all. All but one still posts, and Dee died just at the first of the year. I'll keep it up for a while. I miss her.

Teri said...

I started blogging first about my crafting projects .... I WAS a member of the OFG team and they said it was a great way to promote my crafts!
I started posting my crafts and thought who the heck wants to see more bowl fillers!
I found that the farm always got more pictures posted with more comments ... and people enjoyed my posting more about the animals .. and my homegrowns.
So I have just kept it up .... I also live in KY. and in some parts of KY. it really is very beautiful and love to share that through pictures.
As spring and summer approach, I am not sure how much I will be posting tho.
BTW, I hate cleaning the coop .... I would rather do a 100 loads of laundry no stop on a 100 degree day than shovel out the chicken coop ..... UCK!!!!! And I have cleaned a ton of coops .....

Anonymous said...

I started blogging because we were moving and fullfilling our dream of living here in the country and being as self sustaining as possible. I had read many other blogs looking for any info I could find on country living and they inspired me. I have found it is handy to look up past events here on the homestead. I also love all my blog friends.

V.L. Locey said...

Oy. I can relate to the chicken coop cleaning job SFG and the aches and pains that come after.

Why do I blog? Well, it started as a way to share what happens on our hillsidefarm with friends and family, and it blossomed as I met so many wonderful people! I can`t imagine now not blogging and sharing the laughs, and the sad times, with the many friends I`ve made.

Christi said...

Great comments about blogging. I just recently started my own blog. My whole family is having such a great time with kids think it's so neat to see pictures and stories about them and our family keeps up with us even though they're far away. I'm also having a great time meeting new people and learning about them.
Glad you survived the chicken coop cleaning. We need to do that soon too....wish me luck! ;)