Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Want To Be A Hermit

That's right, I want to be a hermit. I want to live up here on top of this ridge and never go off of it. Well, maybe every once in a while. But that would be a LONG while. I don't want to go to Krogers. I don't want to go to Walmart. I don't want to go anywhere other than the flea market, or a yard sale or two. It's getting crazy out there people! Shootings and stabbings everyday on the news. And we live in a very small community! People have lost their minds!

It gets harder and harder everyday to see people who just don't get it. They coast through their lives. They don't appreciate the things they have. They always want more. Bigger cars, bigger houses,more clothes, and it goes on and on. Back about 100 years ago, you never heard about people being depressed.(of course you didn't have tv or radio to tell you about these things) You didn't hear about how bored people were. They had things to do. LIVE! People then worked to live. If they didn't work in their gardens, they didn't live. Now a days, people don't have to work to live. They work because they want more THINGS. Now what's wrong with that. People have lost their purpose in life. They are just "living." They have nothing to work for other than things. I don't know about you, but "things" are not what I want to work for. Don't get me wrong. It's nice to have things. But, I don't want to put a expensive car and huge house, as my only reason to work.

Priorities are screwed up. God,family, and friends are what's important. Health is important. Good healthy food is important. Shelter is important.(not how big that shelter is) People think money is important. As soon as I pay off my bills that I made before I felt like this, I'm going to probably quit my job. My home and the work here is more important to me than putting fake nails on people. I'm not going to say anything to my clients about this but.....COME ON PEOPLE! You are paying $50 for a set of FAKE NAILS! How stupid is that! And to beat it all, they come back every 2 to 3 weeks and pay me 35 dollars to fix them again. WOW! I just don't get it. I want to be a hermit.

Now on to a happier part of this post. I put the chicks out in the sun today. Skeeter put it on herself to guard them with her life.

Against all odds. She was going to protect them. This is her growling at Luke.

She stayed there all day.

It was a long day.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, hermit.


tberry29 said...

Very well said..I want to be a hermit too.Lol
Especially since we moved out here..out of the city limits. And I am one of those that love to get my nails done. Well I've had em off for about 2 months now..giving them a break ya know.
Anyway before I even read this post I was thinkin how much they cost and all..we are starting our 1st garden and I'm not planning to put em back on, whats the point I will be in the garden all the time. Thanks for saying it like it is sister! ; )
Your fellow Hermit,

Meadowlark said...

Skeeter amused me. Not sure why, but I actually giggled out loud.

Thanks. I needed that.

And this world is just one more reason why I believe in concealed carry EVERYWHERE.


Anonymous said...

I want to be a hermit also. I am with you, people have gone mad. I am pretty close to being a hermit now.

Love the photo's of Skeeter guarding the chicks. Made me giggle. Thanks.

Melissa E said...

We want to be hermits too...hubby always says we should buy a ranch in Montana and set up fort! Skeeter is so cute, made me smile! Chicks and pups what a good combination!

Melodie said...

Yep,my feelings exactly! Maybe we all can start some kind of hermit woman's club..with no meetings of course!

Catherine said...

Oh boy, do I know how you feel!! I've pretty much stopped talking to most people around here because they are such sheep. "What's on TV", "what new 'whatever' they bought", "how much they pay to bleach their hair", etc. I actually had a lady at church tell me she would never eat farm eggs because WalMart eggs are so much better! AARRRGGGGHHHH!! I need to be a hermit, for the sanity of me and the sheeple in town.

(Loved the dog-and-chick photos! Have you ever noticed that the lap dogs make the best farm dogs? Hey, if you see any lab puppies-must be puppy, must be yellow lab {not mix}, must be FREE-anywhere in your area, grab one; I'll come get it. And if you want to play middle-man to a bunch of cute goats, call me, we'll work something monetary out..)

Tonia said...

I agree!! I would make a great Hermit.. Just dont take my PC! Lol
Skeeter sounds like our Hobo! She is the best little guard dog for my chickens. Great pics!!

Spring Lake Farm said...

Skeeter rocks!!!!


Anonymous said...

Bless Skeeters heart!!! She is a great watch dog for her chickie babies!! So sweet!! No, you don't want to be a hermit...cut that out, your too sweet and funny to be a hermit. Now get back out in the world and laugh at all these nice people spending money so you'll have your job for years to come!!! lol ...debbie

Kelle at The Never Done Farm said...

Want some lesson in hermitism, Heeee, Heeee! I hate going to the city if it happens more than twice a month I get really crabby :o)

My folks both worship $$ and I mean worship it and I've tried to explain to them that it is just a tool, no different in my mind's eye than a shovel or a hoe, it get a specific job done. Your life should be good or bad if you don't have a shovel( or $$) you simply have to think outside the box and find another way to get the job done without the shovel( or $$) without letting it ruin your day( or life*sigh*)

Happy gardening SFG and I'll be smiling my biggest "hermit" smile when you get to quit your current job and begin using a better set of tools*wink*

Kelle at The Never Done Farm said...

Sorry, it should say; Your life shouldn't be good or bad.... to many typos, I give myself an "F" *wink*

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I love Skeeter! What a sweetie!

And I completely agree about being a hermit. We sort of live that way now. We rarely ever drive into the city, and we are home more than away.
Our house is paid off and so are our cars. We don't have a lot of stuff and I hate shopping. We live very simply. I'm a stay at home mom who homeschools her kids and we don't buy anything at all unless we can pay cash.

I don't like clutter in my house and I don't keep anything unless we use it or it brings us much joy and appreciation.

Our focus is on family, our animals and living simply, and enjoying nature and time together.

I just don't understand living any other way.


V.L. Locey said...

Nicely said SFG. I tend to stay on my hill and try to avoid the madness of city life if at all possible.

Those are some able-bodied chick guards!! =)

Faith said...

I completely agree! The life we live mostly in this country is mostly a fake life. We all leave our homes, our families, our children, and go to some created environment to produce stuff that usually nobody needs, to trade for the papers that we trade for the things we ACTUALLY need, that we should be out creating ourselves. And we enslave our children to the same system with school, college, degrees, jobs, and government overseers for the rest of their lives. There is little freedom.

We were meant to homestead a piece of land, raise our families together, stay together, build our own shelters, raise our own food, fellowship with our families and neighbors and help one another work. The Amish are not far off from being right, and I have often wished I were one of them. LOL

Good on Skeeter! What a faithful doggy!


Karen said...

Great post! I had to laugh about the fake nails. When we bought our country place last year, I immediately swore to give up having my nails done (the money I paid for my nails pays HALF of our house payment!). Now I love looking at my short nails and seeing the garden dirt embedded in them!

Anonymous said...

LOL..I had to laugh at you...and then at Skeeter...and Luke??? LOL...what a hoot...and yes..I feel the same as you but at my age I just get concerned with our young folk..what the future holds for them...will they be able to have a home, family, enough to get them by..??? times are really achanging...and for the better??? not at all sure...and the health plan bill is a big crock of ...well it is...sorry...and like you say...why work when if we are in a given situation we can get it all freeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! thanks for listening to me LOL...hugs from Ora in Lexington

granny said...

Im abit the same,lol.
I actually like my own company :0)
I just Luuurve Skeeter,shes doing a great job looking after those babies!
Have a terrific Easter!

soni- lil sis said...

yes i have to admit i laughed out loud at skeeter.. how funny! I think skeeter would be a good guard dog and Luke should be the lap dog. hahaha,, cya at easter time big sis,, kisses

April said...

This is my first time visiting your blog, and I am so glad that this was the post that I first came across. I so feel ya on this!! Can't wait to read more of your posts!

Unknown said...

I live in Northern KY. Thinking about getting some chicks. That cage that you have them it, is it what they stay in until night to be put up?
If you have time email me...It would be great to have some ideas thrown our way. Thankss!


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you are right though! I'm not sure I want to be a hermit but at the same time, sometimes it wouldn't be half bad!! I haven't figured out why people are like they are anymore. And kids today in schools (I have a teaching degree I don't even want to use) don't want to do the work and then blame the teacher for bad grades... um... do we really want them to go off to college and become doctors and lawyers and politicians who work on us... NOPE!!!! Anyway that's a completely different can of worms. Good post though... love the dog guarding the chicks! My dogs would have just eaten them...

Farmchick said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Just stopping by to wish you a very Happy Easter. Hope you can stop by my farm for a visit soon!

Sarah said...

I think many of us have a desire to return to a "simpler" life. Not to say that things a hundred years ago were simple. There was a lot of hard work involved. But I think the reasons for the hard work were a lot more rewarding. Then again...they say the grass is greener on the other side.
Regardless, you've got a lot of friends that are trying to plow down that path along with you. Just got to get these bills paid so we can hop on that train, right?
Adore your little Dachsand gaurding his chickens with such dedication! That is precious!

granny said...

Hi there!! Just dropping by to let you know you won the soap give away on my blog!! yay!!
Please email me your postal address ,
Thanks for entering,Granny.

Rising Rainbow said...

I would never leave my farm if it wasn't for my horses. Wally world and such are just not my cup of tea, not fake nails for that matter. They're just too limiting around the horses.

You are so right many have lost sight of what's important. Unfortuately those people won't be happy unless they get it figured out. That's just the way it is.

So good for you for having the foresight to see what will make you happy. I wish you luck as you take that journey.

Anonymous said...

I too only wish to be a Hermit. I am so tired of the rat race. It is my intention to work toward that end. I have three dogs, who give me nothing but love,and ask little in return. There is very little that I desire from the 21st. Century. Even the little I desire, I can live without. I shall join you soon. I have far too many THING'S. It is time to exchange my Benz for a pick-up. Find a small subsistence farm, with a cottage,or cabin, and make the move. Things are in motion. It is just a mater of time now. I hope sooner than later. It might end up a lot like Green Acers, but that is just fine. Look out Hooterville. Here I come. ( I have been a market trader for many years.) OVER IT!!!! Robert

Faith said...




Marcelle said...

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Please note: This is a work exchange position. This is not a paid salary position. We provide a small monthly stipend towards food and immigration fees.


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Zhiwei said...

I want to join you as a small farm boy xD

scott said...

I want to live away from this crazy society, I want to live naturally, I don't necessarily need to be a complete hermit but I do want to be left alone when I want to be left alone, which would be a lot of the time. I don't want to live in a modern world anymore, it's crazy and tiring, and just plain stupid. morrisseyinc_2004@yahoo.com

Nate said...

I feel the same way. I have had it with what society says I should be and also everyone I have met lately is so superficial it is stupid. So I have decided to quit my job (work for myself doing home renovations) as soon i have what I need to set myself up in the middle of nowhere (which is not long from now) and say the hell with you all and your stupid system of life.