Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hi everyone! Just thought I would stop in and catch up on a few things.

I have been making loaves of bread! I've been "afraid" of yeast for years. Why? I have no idea. It's not like it can eat me, or pull off my toe nails one at a time. It's just yeast. But for some reason I have skipped over any recipes that had yeast in them. So, I faced the almighty yeast monster, and I came out the victor!

Hubby says it taste very good. I really can't be sure, because when I make a new loaf, for some reason, it doesn't last long enough for me to get more than a small slice. Maybe we have a bread eating monster around here.

Now that I have conquer my fears, I want to try different recipes. I would like to make a lighter, fluffier, bread. I would like to make a sweet bread. Maybe, even make some cinnamon rolls. Yummmmmmmm. Maybe I shouldn't have faced my fear of yeast. Now, I'm going to have a new fear,a fear of the bathroom scales.

So until next time.....

Small Farm Girl, baker.

P.S. If anyone has a good bread recipe out there, I would really appreciate it if you could give it to me, or at least point me in the right direction. lol


Anonymous said...

I avoid yeast at all cost. Dough and I don't get along. What ever I make with yeast comes out like a hockey puck. I tried for several years and shocked my old lady neighbor who gave me her "NO FAIL PIE CRUST" you could beat it with a knife handle. I buy store bought crust. Store bought bread, store bought anything with yeast! So glad you had success! Wonderful!!!...debbie

The Craftivist said...

Congratulations on conquering the yeast monster! Fresh baked bread is about the best thing on the planet in my mind anyways. Here's a pretty good recipe for Amish white bread

Kelle at The Never Done Farm said...

Okay I'll let you get a few loaves under your belt, so to speak, and then you need to try natural yeast bread( sourdough starter from scratch)*wink*. Don't fret it is very easy, it only required you to freshen( use) the starter once a week. There is nothing like sourdough bread from scratch, only thing better is if it's been cooked in a wood stove.

Congrats on your yeast success! Let's not forget homemade doughnuts and if you were closer I'd share some home rendered lard( pig fat), nothing is better than doughnut fried in pig fat* double wink* The scales will tip if you make them more than once or twice a year though, LOL!

Let's see some pictures before that bread moster gets into the loaves.

Rainy here now and in the low 40's as I type this, yet we are warm and cozy with the wood cookstove going, it's 76F in here.

We rushed to pick as many of the apples as we had room for( 3-1/2 bushel) off the trees, because it will certainly freeze hard tonight. I'm NOT ready for this yet, we've had no Fall, the trees are still have green leaves for heaven sakes.

small farm girl said...

Debbie, if I can do it, you can do it. Believe me.

Craftivist, thank you, I'll check those recipes out.

Kelle, I am soooooo going to try doughnuts. Thanks. I think.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Congrats! I'm fearful of yeast, too. It's fickle stuff. And when I do make bread (in my breadmaker) it doesn't last but maybe 10 minutes. Everyone insists on eating slabs of it, warm with butter. Nothing left for the next day, except crumbs. lol!


Meadowlark said...

Grandmother Bread has been FULLPROOF (maybe that's FOOL PROOF. Who knows) for me

Plus Suzanne has lots of helps and pictures. And goats. :)