Thursday, June 4, 2015

Bye,Bye Bunnies......Hopefully.

Well, I put the rabbits up for sale on a Facebook livestock page.  Hopefully I'll be able to sell them soon.  I like these little buggers, but I know they aren't fitting into our farm plans.  Why feed something that's not going to contribute to the farm.  If that means by working, making money, or by being food.  So far, they haven't done much of any of those. No one but me likes to eat the rabbits.  I don't know why, they taste like chicken. lol  So it's gonna be bye,bye, bunnies.

Although I'm going to miss seeing them come to the front of the cage to be fed, I won't miss breaking the ice out of their bowls in the winter. lol

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, moving forward.


The Kelly's Adventures in KY said...

Dang they are cute. Stay strong!!!

Vera said...

Our last bunch of rabbits got mixymatosis (sorry, can't spell it!) and it was such a harrowing experience to see them die so horribly one by one, that Lester said 'no more', but that was a couple of years ago...... and yes, we are now keeping rabbits again! We love the meat, and Lester says that they are the easiest of all our animals to keep. To avoid the 'cute' thoughts that rabbits can make one have, I tend to let Lester look after them, which makes it easier for when I come to cook one up. Hope your rabbits sell soon.

Expert Weed Gardener said...

Doesn't everything taste like chicken? I ones had rattlesnake & it did too! LOL!

jules said...

That's a pretty Champagne D'Argent you have there. We raise those as well. And I beg to differ: Rabbit DOES NOT taste like chicken. Probably why no one likes it but you, eh? I think it tastes better, and with it being better for you and knowing how it is raised, well, we like rabbit. Good luck passing them on. I hope they sell soon.