Thursday, October 2, 2014

As Of Late

I promise I am still here!!!  This time of year is very busy for us.  The garden is winding down, but now we are getting ready for winter.  I was hoping to have our house close to being done already.  With Hubby being sick and me working, it has been near impossible to do anything with it.  We really want to get some done on it though before it gets too cold.  We shall see.  I learned not to count  too much on my plans as of late. Something always seems to change them. lol

The chickens are doing great.  They are really laying their butts off. hehehe.  I'm sure they will be molting soon so I should enjoy all the eggs while I've got them.  They usually molt right when it starts to get cold.  I think they do this so that they can line their coop with feathers for the winter.  Just an idea.  Hehe

The rabbits are doing good.  The three young bucks are still alive.  We haven't found time to butcher them.  Maybe this weekend.  It's suppose to be cool.  I don't like to butcher them when it's hot.  The flies are usually really bad then.  It's suppose to be in the lower 60's this weekend so it would be a good time.  I'm also going to be breeding the other three New Zealand does to The Big Guy soon.  And yes, I checked.  They are all does. I'm sure!

The cattle and horses are starting to grow their winter coats.  I like when they start to get all fuzzy.  Makes them look so cute.  I think it's about time we butcher our young bull too.  I think my freezer is calling his name.  He is a pretty good sized bull.  Angus and Limousine mix, he should be really good eating. Hershey, the young heifer born this past summer is growing like a weed.  She'll be a nice cow when she gets older. We've been trying to tame them down as best as we can. The older cows are a lost cause.

Before the weather gets real bad, I want to check all of our fence and make sure there are no trees down and on the fence.  If there is, maybe we can cut some for fire wood.  We haven't done any of that either this year.  We are soooo far behind on things.  Including writing on this blog.  :-)

I know I have said this before, but I'm hoping things will slow down a bit and I will be able to do some writing on here.  I've been writing for the magazine, but I have felt that this is my first love.  You guys are like family!!! Well on that note, I'm going to have to stop.  I will be trying to stay in touch with you all.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, busy.


Frank and Fern said...

It's good to hear from you, SFG. Hang in there, be safe and stay well.


Carolyn said...

Been wondering where you've been, but figured you've been busy! :)
I've been lax on my blogging as well, things (like life) tend to get in the way sometimes.
See you again soon!

Sandy Livesay said...


Life keeps us all busy, take care, and we all will catch up with one another in the blogging world.

Vera said...

Glad you managed to do a catch-up, and just to say that we are just as busy at the moment.

Susan said...

Good to know you're okay - autumn is a crazy-busy time of the year. Sounds like you have an immense to-do list!