Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Warm Morning Chores

As the days are getting longer, I notice myself getting up earlier. I swear I am solar powered!!! LOL!  Since the weather was so nice I took my time doing the chores today. I spent time in the goat pen. I sat down on a rock and just enjoyed watching the babies. You get to know them so much just by observing them. The 2 week old buckling is already taller then the two doelings that were born a 2 1/2 months ago. He's going to be a big boy! We might end up keeping him for breeding stock.

After I was done with the goats, I fed the rabbits and made sure they had fresh water. One of my New Zealand does should be having her litter soon so I put her in a nesting box. I sure hope she has a good, large litter. This will be the beginning of my meat rabbit business. The first ones to sell. Woooo Hoooo!  When I was getting straw for the nesting box, I noticed that some of the chickens have been laying eggs in the straw.  I don't mind this as long as I know they are laying there. I'll just gather the eggs from the straw. Works for them, works for me.

We are up to 25 chickens now. We have WAY too many roosters. We have 4. Soon, that will be down to 2. Right now, the feathers and blood are flying.  They are trying to see who is the boss. They'll soon find out that I'm the boss. LOL. Chicken and dumplings anyone?

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, warm weather lover. (Remind me that I said this when I start complaining on how hot it is.)


SweetLand Farm said...

Yikes 4 roosters! I kinda hate roosters!
I'm still waiting for the warmer weather to come here and to stay around for more the one day...

Homesteading wife said...

We have banty and Turken roosters. They are so calm with my kids and each other. But they are the only two, so maybe thats the magic number.

Envious of your warm weather. We had been up in the 60's and I thought Spring had arrived. Last night we had a blizzard with over a foot of snow.

small farm girl said...

SLF, our roosters are very gentle. I won't have a mean rooster. lol

Christina H, I think two would be a good number for us too. Oh, and uh..... you can keep your snow. lol