Thursday, November 8, 2012

What's Up Jack

This is what my life is filled with right now. He is an 11 month old baby. He still acts like a baby too. We are still trying to teach him things that a 200 lbs baby should not do. (He's not up to 200 lbs yet, but as he get's older he could be.) Things like jumping up on you, running into your legs, not moving out of the way when you are trying to walk around him, leading on a lead rope, etc. You understand. Oh, and one other thing, not giving handshakes. Some people think this is cute, but when your paw is as big as a horses hoof with sharp claws on it, it can hurt someone. My step daughter got it on her cheek just last night. Not good.

 Anyway, I know some people just don't understand the difference between having a lap dog, and having a "horse" that thinks it's a lap dog. It may be cute when your little chihuahua jumps on your leg so that you will pick it up. It's another thing when the 200 lbs dog jumps up on you and you fall into the mud. It's cute when a pomerainan gets sooooo excited that it's tail and butt are wiggling like crazy, another thing when the big dog knocks the lamp off of the table with his tail. Cute when the small dog follows you everywhere you go in the house. Not as cute when the big dog does it. For example...As many of you know, we are living in a house that in not finished. When I say,"Not finished," I mean we have studding for walls and sheets for doors. So, the "horse" has pretty much the run of the house. Wherever you go, he goes too. You turn around, he is there. You do the dishes, he is there to see if ya need any help. You go to bed, he sleeps on the floor. You go to the bathroom, well, let's just say you haven't lived until you are setting on the toilet and a dog is looking you in the eye. "Whatcha doin?"

 Our hope is to make Jack an outside dog, but he has been inside his whole life. He doesn't have the winter coat of an outside dog. It will come in time as we keep him outside for longer periods of time. He also has separation anxiety. He has never been alone. When Hubby took him down to his dad's house to show them our new dog, he kept him in his truck while he went inside. He left the windows down a few inches so that he could get fresh air. When Hubby came out of the house, the window was shattered and Jack was out of the truck. He came around the side of the truck like,"Hey, everyone! Look, I got out of the truck! Aren't you proud of me?" Hubby, not so much.

 Anyway, all this has happened in just 24 hrs. I can't wait see what the next few years will bring.

 So until next time,

 Small Farm Girl, what did I get myself into? lol


Candy C. said...

Oh.My.Word!! Yep, he's a little too big to be a lap dog!! Yikes!! Our dog is big too and when we got him, he was about the same age as Jack and liked to jump and paw too. Luckily, he got over that real fast!! Those claws are sharp! I hope you get him transitioned into being an outside dog soon! :)

thecrazysheeplady said...

Oh MY!

DFW said...

Good luck getting him transitioned. He is one good looking dog though.

Tonia said...

Oh wow.... Good luck!

Katidids said...

What a handsome guy he is!! On the jumping.. We had a 90 lb lab that was overly friendly..a trainer taught us to raise your knee when they jump up & catch them in the breast bone with a solid command and it will soon stop. It only took once or twice for each family member and it was OVER! You don't kick with your knee, just bring it up and they bump into it.
So...why do you think you need to potty on your own LOL!

V.L. Locey said...

That is one husky lap dog!

Anonymous said...

I hate leaving a dog outside all the time, they were meant to be our companions