Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pictures and Deep Thoughts

Cuteness Alert!!!!! You have been warned.

Check out those blue eyes. He got them from his daddy.

Hey Mom, give me a piggy back ride.
Ok, since I got you all warmed up with the cuteness factor, hehehehe, now we can get into the deep thoughts. Have you ever wondered about what you want in life. Then you look at it and think, "Nope, not there yet." Well, I was reading a friend's blog( shout out toModern Day Redneck!)and he wrote about how some people are "Arm Chair Quarterbacks" in their prepping. They tell people what they should do, they criticize how they do it, yet they don't "do it" themselves. Well, I may not actually be an arm chair quarterback when it comes to prepping, I though about that phrase. "Arm Chair Quarterback." Then I looked at my life. I have been an arm chair quarterback. Not criticizing people or anything. But, not actually "in the game" either. I noticed that I keep saying that I'll do something then don't. Or, I'll WANT to do something and then don't.  Or I see someone do something and I think of how I wished that I can do that. Well, I CAN! I just need to "get out of the chair."

Another thing that I noticed about myself is that I need a schedule. When I was working, I kind of had a schedule. I knew that my time, to get that project done, was limited. It's not limited now so I keep saying, "Well, I do it later. I have time." But as I do that, I realize my life is passing me by. Things are not getting done. Now, dishes and laundry and everyday things are getting done. I'm talking about the extra things that need to be done.  Building fence, building goat barns, joining goat clubs, write more on my blog, etc. etc. I keep putting them off. It's about time that I "get back into the game"

So thanks MDR for giving me a wake-up call. Life's knocking. I had better answer the door.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, active quarterback.


Anonymous said...

I think from time to time in our lives we are Arm Chair Quarterbacks. I've felt that myself lately. That's why I made the decision to not get a big dog and get a little dog and DO something with it. I've wanted to get back into showing and I've finally did! At least I'm at the starting gate. At least you recognize that you ARE an arm chair quarterback and now can change that!! Kiddos to you Gal!!!...debbie

small farm girl said...

Thanks Debbie! Good luck with the puppy when ya get it.

Texan said...

Cute cute cute :O)

Carolyn said...

Yeah, I think that I'm the A.C.Q. on certain things around here. Time to get kicking again; guess it would help if I got off the computer! :)

small farm girl said...

Thanks Texan!
Carolyn....Oh! We are suppose to get off the computer first?!

SweetLand Farm said...

Love the pics of the kids!!! They are very cute indeed!
go for it "active quarterback!!!"
I love reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

i am surrounded by those "armchair quarterbacks", but they just have no influence over me whatsoever. i am a dreamer and a doer. always have been and aint gonna put up with anyone telling me that "i cant". having a schedule or a "daily list" is a good idea. my hubby laughs at me cause i keep a list on the kitchen counter at all times and when things get done they get checked off. before going to bed at night, i know exactly what my plans are for the next day. sometimes the list has to be changed..sometimes something has to be moved to another day...but what a great feeling to place that check mark next to something..it means that whatever you have done, no matter how small or how large, you have "succeeded" at something. get out of that chair girl and get busy making some of your dreams come true.

Kelly said...

Cute kids!!!! I have the same problem, I have been a stay at home mom for six years and there is always tomorrow. But sometimes it's nice just to sit outside and enjoy the life you are working so hard for. Don't beat yourself up about all the things you don't get done. There is always tomorrow ;)

TxFarmhouse said...

Cuteness for sure! So sweet and so clean...love 'em! I hear what you're saying about not getting things done. I've gotten lazy in my old age...just call me Scarlet. I put everything til tomorrow.

V.L. Locey said...

Cuteness times a hundred!

I do think sometimes folks tend to armchair life. Sometimes we just have to grab life by the tail and swing it around some.

granny said...

And that's why I write myself a 'To Do' list every night! And work through it the next day :0)
Is an Arm chair quarterback(?)the same as a lounge lizzard ???
Just wondering :0)

Candy C. said...

The kids are cute, cute, cute!! :)
I need schedules to get things done, I work best that way. I also find if I don't write tasks down, I forget about them! It's hard getting old! LOL!!

Faith said...

I can relate to the fact that my to-lists have flown out the window. I miss them a whole lot!

Here's to the both of us attempting to get our to-do lists going again.

Hear-here! or something like that.

Jenna said...

I've been going through the same thing lately. Thankfully, spring is going to start (eventually) here in northern Maine, and I'll be able to pour some latent energy into my new garden and chickens (forthcoming! so soon! eek!)

Razzberry Corner said...

Thanks for the motivation! I'm going to go write a to-do list right now!

And the kids are dolls!!!!