Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Clueless in Medicine

With the weather starting to cool down, people usually start thinking about winter. And, with winter comes winter colds and flues. That's when I start thinking about the medicinal herb garden that I didn't get to start. Darn it! I say it every year. I have good intentions but,..... well, you know.

So this winter, I've decided to plan my herb garden. Figure out which herbs I want to get and plant in this all important garden. Now, the problem...I have no idea! I am natural medicine illiterate! I know nothing! I don't know the difference between a salve and a rub. (Is there a difference?) How do I make a medicinal tea?  What if I mistake one plant for something else?  I'm soooo confused! 

Sure I could look on the Internet. But, I would rather have something that I could hold in my hand. I would prefer a book that actually has pictures and not just drawings. Any suggestions?

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, clueless.


angela said...

check out your local libray. when you find information you may need take notes. If you find a book you really like maybe buy it. I have a few but ones with pictures are the best.

Unknown said...

I agree with Angela...Get a book and then go through it..There are plenty of places you can buy herbs to make this winter and then plan your garden for next spring with the ones that worked for you this winter..That is a dream that I have wanted to do myself..Lisa

Anonymous said...

Check with Maple Valley Farms, she does all that herbal medicine. If you don't have her, check my favorites on the left hand side and you'll find her there. Good Luck. You might try Google...debbie

Melissa E said...

That sounds like such a great idea...I always have dreams of a large herb garden with all kinds of herbs for healing and teas, etc. etc...but then I always put it off too. Let me know if you find a good book!

Kelle at The Never Done Farm said...

Okay, I'm certainly no expert and I've been studying for almost 10 yrs now*wink* My absolute favorite all around refrence is a BIG book called Natural Healing Wisdom and Know-How ( I bought mine at Barnes and Noble Books) The next favorite one is called Herbs to the Rescue by Kurt King and my third favorite is The Herbal Home Remedy book by Joyce A. Wardwell. I also have several favorites for animals to*wink*

Make yourself a three ring folder( binder and print off good info from the internet, then you'll have a hard copy :o)

I hope these help you, there are many many good books on this topic, you may find some better, these are just the ones I use 99% of the time.

V.L. Locey said...

I think some of the other ladies have a good thought about grabbing a book. It`s always nice to plan things out in your head, gives the brain something to keep it busy and it`s free!

Peacemom said...

I aspire to this as well...the more self sufficient (and that includes what healing we can do on our own), the better! Post if you find a particularly good one, I'm in the market myself...peace to you, ~Vonnie, NH