Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Gracie is fitting in really good. Hanna is acting like a little kid with a new friend. Jumping and playing. Trying to get Gracie to play right along with her. Gracie does sometimes. Other times she just looks at her and you can just tell she is saying,"Really?" LOL

The last few days have been beautiful around here. Cool days and nights. Now if God would only keep it like this for the rest of the year, I would be happy. lol. Anyway, we have been getting the yard cleaned up. We are trying to make it look a little less like a construction zone. I think our state flower should be a rock. There are so many that we need to pick up. I'm thinking of making a fire ring with all of them. I always wanted a fire ring. I'll post pictures when we get it done.

Another thing that has been happening around here is, we have been trying to keep bugs off of our potatoes and tomatoes. There are potato bugs on the potatoes. Then there are these little soft shelled bugs on our tomatoes. I've never seen any like them. Well anyway, they are going to be dead bugs. lol. I go through the garden every other day and squish them. Don't be eating my veggies plants!!!!!!

So as you can tell, nothing really exciting happening around here. Just your everyday life stuff.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, bug squisher.


Modern Day Redneck said...

It does not matter if it is exciting or not. That's just living.

Tonia said...

1 tablespoon of Original dawn dish soap to 10-12oz of water in a spray bottle and spray the bugs on the tomato plants.. Just remember to do it in the early morning or late evening.. Not in the middle of the day like I did!LOL

small farm girl said...

Thanks Tonia, I'll give it a try.
MDR...So true.

V.L. Locey said...

Life isn`t always exciting but it is those quiet times we enjoy the most.

granny said...

Im loving our cool weather here too..Cold mornings, down to 3c (37.5f)
and a sunny 20c (68f)during the day! Winter in Queensland is wonderful :0)
No frost ..yet!

Carol............. said...

Now, I've heard that bug-squishing is wonderful therapy! LOL

Love those"lop ears" on the goats.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

ha! i laughed a lot - we just said "if it would be like this all the time, i'd be happy!" hee hee hee we are about to get socked by the heat and humidity but these last days have been like heaven.


our extension guy just sent a bulletin around about the Colorado Potato Beetle - thats your bug. And he said, yep keep on squishin' 'em. They are/will become resistant to insecticides. So squishin' is the best medicine.


a mention!