Saturday, May 14, 2011

No Excuses

I didn't realize how long it had been since I had last posted. Wow! I could use the excuse of Blogger being down, but that would be lying. hehehe. We have been diving into the worlds of goats. We are talking to goat farmers and extension agents. We are visiting web sites, and we are making plans on top of plans.

First off, I'm going to have to keep working for a little while longer. I'm going to work as many hours and do as many nails as I can. We are going to need that money starting out. As the farm/business grows, then I'll have to quit and work just on the farm. It can't be too soon for me. lol.

We have joined a co-op for goats. A bunch of small farmers get together and sell their goats to a butcher in Columbus. That way we don't have to worry about the market as much. We have also decided to sell breeding stock for replacement goats. We are thinking about Nubians, since people are crossing them with Boar bucks to produce meat goats. The Nubians make good moms. They have such a high amount of butterfat in their milks, the babies grow faster. But of course, we are still up for suggestions on what kinds of goats to raise. lol.

The next time we are out to the house of the lady that has started this co-op, I'll take some pictures. She has a really NICE setup. And, you can tell she cares for her goats.

So that is some of the things that have been happening around her. I'll try and keep you up updated more often. That is, if blogger doesn't go down again. lol

So unil next time,

Small Farm Girl, soon to be goat farmer.


Anonymous said...

Im from Northern Ohio and now live in Northern Kentucky. if I may ask what part of Kentucky do you live in?
Thank You Amber Independence Ky


small farm girl said...

Hi Amber, we live close to Ashland Ky. What part of Northern Oh did you move from?

Unknown said...

I WILL have goats one day... Nubians are what I'm shooting for (no not AT)

Tonia said...

:D Just a suggestion Dont spell Boer goats Boar(male pig) as that riles some of the Boer goat people!!lol Good luck! Nubians are my favorite and they do cross well with the Boers! Some of my best boys are the Nubian/Boer cross!

small farm girl said...

No Tania, ummmmm, cough, um, I spelled it like that on purpose. Ummm, it's a new breed of goat that gets fat real quick, doesn't mind the mud, and taste like bacon. ( So much for proof reading. Excuse me as I hang my head in shame. hehehe)

Melissa E said...

Congrats! This sounds so exciting!

Sarah said...

the coop sounds like a neat idea! I look forward to learning more about the new project!

Unknown said...

We just brought home our first Nubian milker and a Saneen wether 3 weeks ago. Gotta say they are both a joy but the Saneen is much calmer and sweeter and our Nubian can be loud! She's got lots to say as we are coming and going. Its a small trade for fantastic milk though :)