Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Statement of The Day

Those that say goats will eat anything have never owned a goat.

SFG, goat owner.


Anonymous said...

So TRUE!!!!

Unknown said...

The phrase should go "goats will eat anything you don't want them to, like tyvek paper off the house, or the rope swing, or the chicken house..."

Catherine said...

"...but they won't eat the extremely expensive, specially balanced, premium goat chow you drove across the county to buy for them."

Yup, that's goats.

angela said...

I totally agree! They can be so fussy sometimes.
but we love them anyway

granny said...

Oh..sorry,Im guilty :0(
They do,however seem to eat what they shouldnt... :0)

Holly said...

They are as bad as feeding the kids, human that is. One day they want this and another day they won't touch it. What's up with that?