Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sunny Day

The sun was actually out from behind clouds today. Can I get a double YEA?!!!!! We haven't seen it around these parts of the country in a long while. It actually brought the temps up to 50 degrees! HEAT WAVE! It almost melted all of the snow. I even heard birds singing today. If you closed your eyes and pointed your face into the sun, you could almost get the whiff of spring in the air. Almost.

The sun and warmer temps did get me into thinking about the garden and such. I started looking through the seeds that I have and thinking about the ones I need. I do start some of my garden with seeds, but we have so many local green houses around here,(5 if you don't count Wal-mart and Lowes) and they sell open pollinated plants, it's hard not to pick up a lot of our starters from them. I can't wait! lol. That's one thing that is good about Hubby going to Ga in the winter. He will at least be here for garden season.  That's a job for two people. At least, the size of our garden, makes it a job for two people.

When I was down at the feed store today,(the one that didn't burn down.) I noticed how much grain has gone up. It's outrageous!!!! I'm thinking about growing our own corn for the chickens. Hubby's dad has a corn crib at his house where we can store it.  We have a local place around here that shells it and cracks it for us for a small price. I might give it a try. Any suggestions on what kind to grow?

On another topic, the coyotes are getting really bad around here. I hear them day and night. Howling and yipping at each other. I'm even going to start carrying a gun when I go out to feed the animals. Can't be to careful. I'm going to start thinning out the pack. hehehehe

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, rambler.


Anonymous said...

Yea! Yea! (double yea!) It was 57 here today and I think it melted about 95% of the snow!! It was wonderful seeing Mr. Sun and the green grass for a change!! Fear not, we are to have another ice/snow storm next week. How come the dogs don't run off the coyotes?...debbie

Grandpa said...

Ooh I so wish I can give some of our sunshine to you, we have plenty here - all day and all year round.

Be careful with the coyote, they can get nasty.

small farm girl said...

Debbie, all I can say is..... Lazy!!! No really, he does bark at them. But he has to be careful too. They can kill dogs really easy.

Grandpa, send some sun this way!!!!

Tonia said...

I fyou are having serious coyote problem you may want to look into getting a Livestock Guardian dog. A good pair is worth their weight in gold!!
We had more sun today but temps will start dropping tomorrow and a major winter storm is in the forecast.. Ugh...

Periwinkle Farm said...

i am soooo glad that we dont have to worry about coyotes.
We also got some sun today and it was warm enough i turned my heater off which is good because our bill is almost $400.00!!!! That is crazy

Hopeful said...

so glad to hear you're getting a break from the cold! yes, the coyotes are all over here in teh desert. i have coyote proofed my run with a lot of work, but it's tough. have a great sunday!

Nancy said...

We've found the coyotes around our area to be sheepish and I don't worry about them attacking me. The livestock -- that's another story.

Regarding the corn -- I would def. get an heirloom variety seed, not hybrid -- so you can save your seed for the next year. Check out Shumways site. :)

V.L. Locey said...

Today is the first day we`ve seen the sun in ages. It`s always blotted out by snow clouds of late.

Hasn`t feed just rocketed?!

SweetLand Farm said...

It snowed here today. Not lots, but enough to make the roads slick.
Can't wait to have 50 degree days, but not until we have a fantastic maple syrup run!!
Hope the coyotes go away and don't have any goat for supper.!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oooh! Thinking about gardening almost makes me feel warm.

You should get a llama. They are known to go for blood when it comes to coyotes or stray dogs.
I watched my two llamas chase a stray dog out of our paddocks a few years ago, trying to disembowel it with their long hooked claws. That creature never came back again once it escaped.