Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My Dog Has Issues

That's right my dog Skeeter(my miniature dachshund)is driving me crazy!!! Lil' Sis gave her a toy. This toy is shaped like a baby chick. It's purple, so it doesn't really look like a real one. One thing that it does do is it peeps. If you touch it in a certain area, it makes the sound like a baby chick. I think that is the problem. She thinks its her baby!!!! She carries it around wherever she goes. If it peeps, she goes crazy! If she is not in her carrier with her "baby," she wines. It's not a normal whine, it's a very high pitch "whistle." It's driving me crazy!!!!! Thanks Lil' Sis. (Imagine a very big frown on my face.)

This last weekend was very nice. The weather was perfect. Now if only the garden will catch up. I picked some beans Saturday, but it wasn't enough to really make a batch.

The berries are still going strong. My uncle and his three grand daughters came over yesterday to pick some. They couldn't believe how much there were and how big. I kept telling them they were monsters. lol. Anyway, we picked tons(well maybe not tons) of berries. We were all scattered out picking until our hearts were content. Then all of the sudden, my uncle lets out a yell and starts running out of the berry patch. Hornet nest!!!!! As he was running, he dropped his bucket,which was full of berries, and he fell, sliding down the hill. Once he stopped sliding, he laid still hoping the hornets wouldn't sting him. He is allergic to them. I kept the grand kids over by me that way them wouldn't get into the hornets. We kept yelling over to him to make sure that he was ok. He said he was, but he dropped all of his berries. He also dropped his Gerber multi-tool back by the nest. Great. After a little while he gets up slowly and makes his way over to us. No stings! YEA! We decided we can go back latter and get the Gerber. I think he was more mad about the berries though. lol. He had smashed berries all up his side from shoulder to shoes. When he got home he said he even had them in his underwear. lol. Poor guy.

Anyway everything came out alright. I'm just freezing my berries now. Oh, I have the best frozen yogart recipe.

1 lb fruit(If using berries with a lot of seeds, you might want to strain them)
1 1/2 cups greek yogart(more if you want. I used a lot of yogert)
sugar to taste.( I used about 1/2 cup)
vanilla (once again, to taste)

blend in blender, pour into bowl and freeze for at least 3 hrs.

eat and enjoy!

This is the best cold dessert for the summer.

Hubby is lactose intolernt but he can have yogart. He LOVES this! I hope you do too.

So until next time,

Small Farm Girl, frozen yogart eater.


Faith said...

Oh, wow! So glad he did not get stung! What a shame about the berries. Plenty for next time.

How cute about your dog loving her chick. LOL I can definitely see that it could become annoying though. Maybe you can remove it's squeaker?


Julie said...

Ahh, I'm sure it's annoying about your dog but how cute, too!

V.L. Locey said...

Sounds like you need to do a squeakerdectomy!

Anonymous said...

What the heck is a Gerber?? Sounds like something "Baby" to me. Do you think Skeeter should see a doggy phycologist? lol Maybe she had a false pregnancy?? or maybe the heat is getting to her?? lol She does love her chickies! Cute story about the berry patch - glad to hear no one was stung. ...debbie

Aunt Krissy said...

My dog Abby got all "mom" over a dog toy shaped like a small football. She would even try to get it to nurse. After about a week of this I lured her into the truck, took her for a three hour walk, with swiming. Got back home, tossed the "baby out. (left Abby in the truck) and re aranged the house so that she could not got to her normal spots. Took her about two hours to settle down.

small farm girl said...

Thanks for the comments guys!
Debbie, a Gerber is like a Leatherman. A multi-tool.
Aunt Krissy, you mean to tell me I would have to wait 2 weeks before things would get back to normal if I thow the chickie away. AAAUUUUGGGG!!!!

R Dean said...

We never have that problem, our labs work diligently to remove the squeaky part of the toy...I like the squeakerdectomy idea!! Too funny!

Aunt Krissy said...

No, it took about two hours to stop looking for the "baby" I also gave her meat treats and had her do a lot of down stay, sit stay and come. Anything to keep her busy.